Marketing your business online has presented many new opportunities to reach your target audience. While it seems that the number of digital marketing tools are infinite, it’s important to focus on the tools that align with your company’s needs and workflow. The “attention span” is the new currency and business owners have to explore various marketing opportunities to reach their target market. Below are three local marketing ideas to seriously consider as you’re developing your digital marketing strategy for 2014.

Google Places For Business

Today 97% of people looking for local businesses in their area start the search online. It’s important that your customers can find you online and view the most updated information about your business. Google understands this and makes it very easy for you to manage all this information in one place online using the Google Places For Business tool.

This is a must for any local brick and mortar business. If you haven’t already created your Google Places For Business account then take five minutes out of your day to get your account setup. You will need to either create a Google account for your business or use your current business Gmail account to set this up. Navigate to Google Places For Business and login using your business Gmail account. From your Places For Business dashboard you will want to add/update you company’s information like address, phone number, website, hours of operation and a description of your business. Then you will need to verify your account. Once you verify your account you will begin to show up in local search results. So keep connected with your customers, manage reviews, and keep your account updated so your customers can easily find you online.

Google Business Photos

This is an awesome feature that surprisingly is still a bit of a secret. Many people use a combination of websites and Google Maps when seeking a local business or to find a new restaurant. What if you could see the inside of the business before leaving your home? With Google Business Photos you can create virtual interactive 360 tours that can showcase the look of your business. So if a potential customer is searching Google Maps, Google+ or even your website, they can explore the inside of your business with a simple click. It’s almost like being there. This can also give your SEO a boost especially locally. It will improve your Google+ Local listing and help your business stand out in Google search engine results. Out of all the local marketing ideas this one ranks right at the top!  Visit Google Business Photos to learn more.

Local Social Media Pages

For businesses with multiple locations you should seriously consider setting up individual social media pages for each local business. One company wide Google+ page or Facebook page won’t speak to your local customers in the same way each individual local page will. Most people shop at businesses that are close to where they live. They also remain loyal to a business because of the employees that work there and knowing they can take advantages of sales that are specific to that location. You are more likely to gain a following on local level social media pages when your customers can interact with people they know. This can be a great platform to gain feedback from customers, to make sure they are getting the best experience when they interact with your brand. Having multiple local social media pages also means more links which will boost the SEO for your company’s website.

The Importance Of These Local Marketing Ideas

These local marketing ideas are just the beginning and hopefully spark a conversation within your business to really explore local marketing in 2014. This year more than ever, it will be important to incorporate local marketing strategies, into your digital marketing plan. To find out more about our local search marketing services at Plush Marketing, contact us today to speak with a digital marketing consultant.

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