Video marketing is one of the best forms of marketing online for companies of all different sizes. There are a number of tools available to produce a video and help with your company’s online marketing. Whether you create your own videos or contract a video marketing agency to produce your videos, here are a few video marketing tools to help you produce and distribute your next marketing video.

Video Marketing Tools

Adobe Premiere Pro Creative Cloud

Adobe Systems has really changed the way creative people work. With the Creative Cloud, you can seamlessly work within all Adobe applications, have them communicate brilliantly with each other, and do it from anywhere in the world. Adobe Premiere takes full advantage of the cloud and also has undergone significant updates to compete with video editing applications such as Avid and Final Cut Pro. The production workflow of premiere is easy and so are the tools that make editing a video fun and exciting. Premiere integrates beautifully with Photoshop and After Effects in real time to make animation, graphics and titles come to life. The expanded native formats of video make it extremely easy to import video footage of all different sizes and codecs. Improved multi-cam editing, precise audio controls, color grading and a faster playback engine are just some of the reasons you should consider Adobe Premiere for creating your next marketing video.


This screen casting application records video of everything on your computer screen. If you’re looking for an application to step up your presentations or to record video tutorials then this is the app for you. The recording quality is excellent and can also record from your webcam. ScreenFlow allows for editing, making it easy to complete your video within the app without the need of a third party video editing application. Features like the zoom function allow for a professional look in your presentation. Export your video to any of the major video formats to upload to your website, YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo.  Get started with ScreenFlow today!


Vimeo is the high-end video sharing online community but it isn’t just for filmmakers anymore. Here you can upload and showcase your professional video marketing projects at the best quality possible. If you don’t already have a Vimeo account here is what your missing out on right now! The video player is well designed and is customizable to fit on your website at all different sizes. The privacy settings make it very easy for you to decide where your videos can be viewed. For instance if you want to hide your videos from the Vimeo community and only show your videos on your website, then you can do that. This is great for companies who want viewers to watch videos from their website only. Discovering amazing videos through the community is a much better experience than YouTube if you’re looking for creative ideas. People on Vimeo seem to take video marketing and filmmaking much more seriously. Vimeo also let’s you add music and adjust the look of your video right from the website, so if you need to do some quick editing on the fly you will have those capabilities. Vimeo also provides video tutorials for creating better videos. Overall if you signed up for a Vimeo Plus account just to take advantage of the video player and HD streaming for your online videos, then you would be winning big time. Help your website run faster by offloading the video streaming to

Overall, video marketing is a powerful tool and should always be considered when trying to reach your target audience. These video marketing tools are basic essentials as you build your digital marketing toolkit. If you have any questions about the applications above or would like to know more about video marketing, contact PLUSH today!

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