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Are you ready to build brand awareness with the number one social media platform in the world? Utilizing paid advertising on Facebook is a winning strategy but many businesses are losing out on ad spend as soon as the boost their post. While boosting your post seems like an easy way to reach a larger audience, you are missing out on key advertising features to reach your specific audience. Here is why you should stop boosting your posts on Facebook.

Facebook Ads Manager Benefits

Facebook provides an online tool called Ads Manager for business pages and other organizations to run targeted campaigns (marketing objectives), ad sets (targeting, budget, schedule, bidding and placement) and ads on their platform. While boosting posts allows you to target audiences based on location, age, demographics, interest and behaviors, there are many additional features available for you to reach a more specific audience with Ads Manager.

Custom Audience

Within Ads Manager you can create custom audiences to target who has interacted with your business via your website, Facebook page and Instagram account. You also have the ability to create an audience by uploading an email list to Facebook.

Ad Placement

Ads Manager gives you control over where your ads will appear and gives you the option to customize your ad for each placement. More than choosing whether you want your ad to appear on Facebook or Instagram, you can choose if your ad appears in peoples feeds, stories, in-stream, search, messages, in-article, apps and sites. Additionally you can choose specific mobile devices and operating systems to target.

Ad Scheduling

While boosting a post only allows you to run your ad 24-hours per day unless you turn it on or off manually, Ad Manager gives you the flexibility to run your ad during a specific schedule. Choose the days and hours that you want your ad to run using ad scheduling.

Budget Optimization

Ads Manager gives you the ability to control your bid strategy with a cap on cost, bids and average cost. This type of cost control isn’t available when you boost a post.


When you boost a post, you are essentially creating one single campaign, ad set and ad. You are leaving the marketing objective, targeting, budget, schedule, bidding and ad placement up to Facebook to decide. You will also lose the flexibility to create variations of your ad for split testing purposes. So for more control over your Facebook advertising strategy, stop boosting and start using the Facebook Ad Manager today.


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