When is developing a mobile application a good idea?

These days it seems that technology is moving faster then ever before. Everything is mobile and that’s the way we like it. While the future is exciting, this rapid change poses a dramatic question to many business owners. Is my website mobile friendly? Most businesses that have made the jump, then have to make an ensuing decision between a responsive website or mobile app development. A majority of the time building a responsive website is a faster and more economical option and can achieve many of the same goals as a separate mobile app. So when is it a good idea to develop a mobile app for your business?

You Make My Life Easier

One of the best reasons to develop a mobile application is when you are solving a problem or making life easier for your customers. For example, a real estate company could have listings on their website, but would like to take advantage of a smartphone GPS location setting that could help potential clients find their listings on the go. A potential homeowner could simply access the listings on their mobile device, and use their location settings to quickly access easy to use directions. If you have the resources and money to create an application that solves problems for people within your industry, then funding mobile app development within your company will often see a great return on investment.

I’m Kind Of A Big Deal

Let’s say your business already maintains a large online audience. Often companies will create mobile applications that provide additional content that their website doesn’t offer. For example a grocery store or restaurant could offer their customers a separate mobile app that provides delicious recipes for cooking. The app provides a quick opportunity to view recipes on the go, all while keeping the company’s name in mind and continuing to build brand loyalty.

More Money!

You have already created a website full of valuable content, built a sizable following online and now you would like to monetize your audience. Let’s say you’re a fitness trainer and you can only train a certain number of clients a day. Also maybe your hourly rate is too much for some people but you still want to offer them something of value. You could create a mobile application that provides workout techniques with detailed descriptions, infographics and videos. This would be a mobile app they can take to the gym, a hotel fitness center, or easily use at home. The application can be priced at an extremely affordable amount, and will provide an additional ongoing revenue stream for you, month after month. Updating the app with weekly or daily workouts is a great way to keep the mobile app current and relevant.

Now What?

As stated above, a majority of the time most companies are perfectly fine developing responsive websites that are mobile friendly. Mobile app development is more appropriate if you can make life easier for your customers, you want to provide additional content, or you’re looking to monetize an additional revenue stream. If the results are projected to out weigh the expenses, then it may be worth developing a mobile application.

If you’re still wondering if a mobile application is right for your company, feel free to contact us here at PLUSH. One of our marketing consultants can help you today.

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