Ways to Get Yourself Camera Ready for Your Video Marketing Campaign

Video campaigns are a great way to market your brand and services. With a quick film, you can share your personal mantra, what your business is all about, and more – all while giving new customers an insider look at your personality and mannerisms. (Trust us, this personal factor goes farther than you’d think!)

With advancing tech, visual tools (such as video) are becoming a more effective way to grasp and maintain viewer attention. Add in music and a high production quality and you’re on your way to capturing audiences for the long haul. Which means more sales and a higher ROI.

However, in order to make a polished product, you need to ensure you’re camera-ready. By prepping yourself as well as your script you can host videos that bring in consistent leads.

Clothing Tips for Video Marketing Your Brand

You want to make a good impression, so dress to impress. Pick out clothes that will look sharp on camera, be flattering to your body type, and that won’t be distracting. After all, you want viewers to pay attention to what you’re saying, not what you’re wearing.

  1. Choose clothes with solid and/or darker colors
  2. Avoid stripes and patterns
  3. Avoid plain white pieces
  4. Wear clothes that are comfortable. (If you’re UNcomfortable you won’t be as smooth on camera!)

Accessorize your Outfit When Sharing Your Brand

Add accessories to create a polished final outfit. Simple pieces can allow you to stand out without distracting from your facial expressions. Opt for plain, yet flattering items to bring your outfit together. (Ties, pocket squares, earrings, necklaces, scarves, etc.)

  • Less is more. While you don’t want to underdress, you can easily overdo it. Consider wearing two fewer accessories than you would on a normal work day.
  • Say no to dangling/loud pieces. Dangling earrings, necklaces, etc. can make excess noise. Keep them off camera for a quiet background.
  • If possible, take off your glasses. They will reflect light back into the camera.

Prepping Your Final Look

It’s always a good idea to get the opinion of your co-workers. Show them what you plan to wear before the day of the shoot. That way you have plenty of planning days. Then, once getting dressed, have someone give you a once-over – this is best by someone who knows you so they’re familiar with your hairstyle, and more, so they can quickly point out any flaws.

Before the day of the video shoot:

  • Grab a lint brush. There will be several lights on you; those bright lights allow hidden specks to stand out!
  • Schedule a fresh haircut. This can make a big difference once on camera. Consider having an appointment within a week of your shoot date.
  • Bring a change of clothes. You won’t want anything to happen to your camera outfit. Wear another set of clothes and change once “on set” to avoid a mishap.

With a little extra planning you can take your video production to the next level. Follow our tips for an ideal personal appearance to add prominence and value to your finished video.

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