Every Restaurant Needs A Content Ambassador For Social Media - Woman Server as Content Ambassador

Whether your restaurant is managing social media communications in-house or hiring a digital agency to help with online marketing, every restaurant needs a content ambassador (or content creator). The content ambassador should be someone who works full-time at your restaurant. They should also have savvy smartphone photography and videography skills. Many restaurants find it hard to produce a successful social media strategy. By separating the content creation and communication part of social media marketing, you can simplify your social strategy immensely. Below I will help you streamline this process, to help increase marketing efforts at your restaurant, without blowing up your budget.

Who Should Be Your Content Ambassador?

Identify someone from the front of the house who works full-time and is fully engaged during each shift. This could be a manager, bartender, host or someone from your wait staff. While quality is the key when it comes to social media posts that perform well, you don’t have to worry about your content ambassador making those decisions. All your content creator needs to focus on is capturing photos and videos during each shift.

Establishing A Social Media Workflow

After each shift (or at the very least once a week) your content creator should upload all images and videos to a shared folder (Dropbox, Drive, Etc.) created for social media content only. Once files are uploaded, the owner and/or the marketing agency can review the content before posting to social media. You will want to create a system where approval for content is quick and easy.

Then the owner, general manager or marketing agency who is in charge of posting branded content on your social media channels, can take care of the design and caption of each post. By establishing a workflow that separates the process of creating content and communicating with your followers, you are simplifying the process. The content ambassador doesn’t have to worry about what content will perform the best, which frees them up to produce lots of content for your restaurant.

Many restaurants post to their social channels without any thought of strategy. This can create many missed opportunities to engage your customers. In fact a well crafted social media strategy considers how each post will contribute to the overall branding of your restaurant.

Level Up Your Social Media Strategy

If you are looking to upgrade your social media strategy, then contact PLUSH for more information about social media marketing. We will help you implement a plan that will enhance your social media engagement considerably and ultimately increase your restaurant’s overall revenue.

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