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As social media marketing continues to grow, businesses are still struggling to figure out how to attract and engage their consumers. Each social media networks, provides access to different demographics, which have businesses feeling the need to be present on each of the different channels. In doing so, many business owners have discovered this is no easy task and it requires a longterm commitment of company resources. For those who are unable to higher a in-house social media manager, invest in a monthly social media consulting firm or would just rather do it yourself (DIY), here are three ways to increase your social media presence for little to no cost.

Increase Your Social Media Presence

User Generated Content

One of the most effective ways to get consumers to engage with your brand online is to encourage user generated content. Many of your consumers are building individual social media brands of their own, and have access to an entirely new audience. Tap into their creativity, by reposting content they produce that relates to your brand. By reposting their images, videos or designs that contain your product or service (and most importantly giving them credit), you are providing an incentive for the consumer to amplify your brand to their audience.

To start adding user generated content to your social media strategy, you will need to monitor your company mentions, social media location pages and hashtags that are associated with your brand. You can easily setup bookmarks for these types of pages for sites like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Google My Business and Yelp to scout for the best content that represents your brand. Then you can easily repost to your social media accounts. Just be sure to mention the content creator in your post. By adding a quick credit to your social media post, you may gain a customer for life and a part time sales person to promote your brand. Also, if you can create a hashtag that isn’t (or is rarely) used then you can encourage your consumers to use it when mentioning your brand. Then you can track the engagement of your custom hashtag with analytics.

Cross Promoted Content

Tap into your relationships on a local level by cross promoting with other businesses, organizations and non-profits in your area. If you are a part of your local chamber of commerce or networking groups, then it’s time to create cross promoting partnerships with other brands that relate to your business. Each brand will have a new audience for your company to reach and by cross promoting products or services, you can easily reach a new demographic.

Many local businesses would be happy to cross promote content as long as you are not a direct competitor because at the end of the day, this is free marketing for both you and their business.

Build Your DIY In-house Social Media Team

Do you have someone on your team who really excels at social media on their personal accounts? Or maybe you have a few people at your company who would love the creative outlet of managing your company’s social media channels. Select someone (or a few people) that you can trust to post content and engage with your customers online. If more than one person will be managing the account, then create some guidelines and a content schedule, so everybody will be on the same page and all communication online will be consistent for your brand.

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