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With the advancement of smartphone technology as well as consumer and prosumer cameras, many small business owners are putting on their director’s cap, to produce their own DIY video production. Social media has increased the need for video content, which is pushing business owners to produce more video and often. While hiring a video production company to batch capture enough content for several videos is a great video strategy, there’s is always content ideas that arise spontaneously. For those who enjoy the idea of producing their own videos in their home office or place of business, but don’t understand the ins and outs of video editing, then partnering with PLUSH Marketing can be a excellent video solution.

At PLUSH, we work with you virtually to plan for the video editing process, even before you begin shooting your video. During our strategy session, we can discuss camera setup and how to correctly light your scene (or work with natural lighting) to achieve the best results. We will review current video recording equipment that you own, as well as recommend additional video gear for you to purchase, that will increase your production value. Additionally, we can discuss which video codec settings to record with, as well how to frame your shot. A well composed shot will make your video visually interesting and can dramatically change how viewers engage with your video.

In addition to framing your shot for engaging composition, you now need to consider where the video will ultimately be displayed. For example, a video on your website would most likely be displayed best in a horizontal 16:9 aspect ratio, where as a vertical 4:5 (or 9:16) aspect ratio and square 1:1 aspect ratio will suit you better on Facebook and Instagram.

Although it does seem easy to perform for the camera, the performance is almost never 100% perfect when you review the footage afterwards, even if you think you killed it! Our digital media producer will walk you through the steps to shoot different angles and discuss how to capture supplementary footage to provide options for seamless editing.

Having more video is almost always better than having not enough. So make sure to grab coverage shots that include closeups of what your talking about. This show and tell style of video production can make the entire video much more engaging.

Once you complete your DIY video production, simply upload your video to our online upload folder, so we can access the video for editing. During the edit you can provide feedback throughout the process as we upload various versions of the video for your approval. The video review software we use allows you to stop the video at any point and make a note for our editors, so they know exactly where to make a change.

Examples of DIY Video Production

This video was shot with an iPhone using with a vertical aspect ration to use for social media promotions. All of the video was shot by the business owner and then uploaded for PLUSH to edit. We were able to select the best shots, stabilize footage and also add graphics. Additionally we added carefully select music to help engage the audience. Having the right background music will always help to set the tone and provide a mood for the video. After the video was complete, we exported the video for the clients social media campaign and uploaded it for Facebook and Instagram.

For more information on how you can partner with us to create dynamic videos for all of your online marketing channels, send us a message or call us at (202) 683-6881

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