While social media and mobile messaging are popular platforms for marketers, email still remains a solid favorite. According to Forbes, 91% of consumers use email daily — making an email marketing strategy a must for your business. With conversion rates as much as 3 times higher than social media marketing, plus higher purchase values, your business is missing out big time if email marketing isn’t a part of your marketing plan.

Create Email Marketing Lists

The quality of your email list can make or break your email marketing efforts. It is essential that your subscribers opt-in to receiving your emails — you can’t include any email address you come upon. Thus, it is important to create opportunities for potential subscribers to opt-in to your email list. Show them that subscribing has something to offer them with the quality of the content your business has already made available. Opt-in forms can easily be added to blog posts, social media profiles, and website pages to attract new subscribers.
Once you have subscribers, you need to effectively manage your list to ensure it will work the way you need it to. In order to be compliant with the CAN-SPAM Act, your emails will need to have an unsubscribe option, and you’ll need to ensure that these email addresses are being removed from your list. Using an email marketing platform with built-in controls can save you a great deal of time and keep you compliant.

Optimize Your Email Marketing Lists

Your email list won’t be very effective if all addresses are simply compiled into one giant list. Creating targeted email lists will allow you to segment based on a variety of factors, such as product interest. Using targeted email lists, you’ll be able to analyze key information about your customer base, allowing you to create the right messaging to be sent to the right customers.
Will they open it?

Getting subscribers to open your email is a huge part of the battle with email marketing. Open rates refers to the number of emails which were opened compared the total number sent. Average open rates vary by industry; generally, a 20% open rate is a good target to shoot for, and the higher you can get it, the better. To boost your open rates and get your emails read, the first step is compelling the readers to click ‘open’. Here are a few key points to follow:

• Send your email at the right time. More emails are read during the day versus night, with Tuesdays and Thursdays being the days more emails are read. A good idea is to start with these sending times, analyze your open rates, and make adjustments based on your findings.

• Write a strong subject line. Your subject line will either compel your subscribers to open the message, or alert them that it is junk. Keep your subject lines short and direct, and cut any flowery or SPAM-like language.

Provide Benefit To The Reader

Everyone hates spam — if your email marketing feels pushy and is overloaded with sales language, your recipients won’t read it and even worse, they’ll unsubscribe. Your message needs to be relevant to the reader to pique their interest and make them click through to your website. One email version isn’t right for your entire list, so try a few different versions of your message to be sent to specific target audiences, based on interest, location, or gender. By sending information relevant to the subscriber, your email will be seen as valuable; it’ll be read and action will be taken, rather than your message being discarded altogether.

Creating strong email lists and messages can be difficult — we can help. The email marketing team at Plush Marketing is available to help your business in developing a strong acquisition strategy to gain subscribers, offer effective list management, and create compelling targeted messages that increase your business’s online conversions.

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