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As a business owner, you are probably continually looking for ways to get the word out on your business. Using social media is an excellent way to do so, especially when you post advertisements on Facebook. Creating an ad account for Facebook business accounts allows you to advertise your business in a wide variety of ways, target a select audience, and increase sales of your goods and services.

For those who have yet to set up an ad account on Facebook for business, don’t worry, as the steps are easy to understand and achieve. The following will show you how to set up an ad account for Facebook business accounts via Facebook Business Manager and help you to get on your way to advertising your company and increasing sales.

Step 1: Briefly Explore Facebook Business Manager Tools

If you are new to setting up an ad account for your business on Facebook, you likely have never used Facebook Business Manager before. Now is the time to do so. Before you start moving through the steps of setting up an ad account for your Facebook business account, you want to briefly explore the wonderful tools which Facebook Business Manager offers. Visit the Facebook Business Manager page and familiarize yourself with the many wonderful features of this social media tool.

Facebook Business Manager How To Add An Ad Account

Step 2: Set Up Your Ad Account Information

Before you can create your first ad and publish it, you have to set up your ad account information in Business Manager. This is the first step to setting up a payment method which will allow you to get started publicizing your products and services via Facebook ads. Go into the “Ad Accounts” section under “Accounts” and fill out the form with your company information.

Step 3: Set Up Your Billing and Payment Information

Once your company information has been entered, it’s now time to fill out the billing and payment form. Click “Payments” on the Business Settings tab to pull up this part of the new account process. Add your payment method which will be used to pay for all future ads. You will be billed for your ads either at the end of every month or when you reach your desired spending limit.

Step 4: View Your Notification Settings

Once your ads are live, you will be notified along the way when different activities occur pertaining to your advertisements. Review your notification settings to specify when you would like to be notified and which aspects of the ad campaign you would like to be notified about. This can be done by clicking on “Notifications” on the Business Settings tab.

Step 5: Review Ad Account Roles

If you wish to add additional individuals to your account, who can create and edit ads and play a role in the ad duties of your company, visit the “Account Roles” tab. You’ll be able to specify who has access and what type of access you would like for them to have with your account.

Step 6: Create Your Ad

Now that you’ve done all of the background work getting your ad account set up, you are ready to create your ad and start selling the beneficial aspects of your goods and services!

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