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Adding a Google My Business restaurant menu should be part of every restaurant’s digital marketing strategy. Along with reviews and photos, a restaurant menu is one of the Top 3 decision making factors that will persuade a new customer to visit your establishment. Although Google offers this feature, less than half the restaurants use this competitive advantage. Below you can see a mobile view of the a restaurant menu on Google.


To add a restaurant menu you will want to open your Google My Business listing and go to the menu on the left hand side and select Menu. Here you will add each section of your menu as well as each menu item one at a time.

Google My Business restaurant menu Add Section and ItemsAfter you add your menu sections and items, your Google My Business restaurant menu should look similar to the image below on the backend. You can also edit an item by clicking the text in the menu.

Google My Business Restaurant Menu Back End View

Many people will choose which restaurant to eat at, without ever visiting your website. That’s why optimizing your Free Google listing by adding a menu (along with optimal photos and pertinent business info) is extremely important. At PLUSH Marketing, we believe it’s essential for restaurants to implement a cost effective “be everywhere” online strategy.

Adding a Menu will increase local search rankings

In addition to providing relevant content that could help persuade potential customers to visit your location, a Google My Business restaurant menu also provides more info to Google that will ultimately help to increase your search rankings locally. Each menu item you add, has a potential to be part of a Google search from a potential customer, and could be the difference that shows your restaurant over a competitor in a local search result.

For those who have larger restaurant menus or just don’t want to deal with adding and updating another restaurant menu online, contact PLUSH Marketing and we will take care of your digital marketing needs. To find out more information about our Google My Business optimizations services, including adding your restaurant menu, send us a message or call (202) 683-6881.

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