What are Google Posts?

Google posts are a new feature for businesses that have setup and manage their Google My Business listing. Google posts are displayed in the knowledge graph panel (as seen below) of a search result.  These posts appear in search results when the company or brand name is used in a Google search. Think of this new feature as a blog post or featured content attached to your GMB company listing, that provides you another opportunity to drive potential customers to connect with you locally by phone, email or at your location.

Google My Business Post

What content works best with Google Posts?

Google posts are similar to a blog post in that you will have a featured image, title and text. Images are square and ideally should be 750px by 750px. You can include up to 300 words per post but keep in mind that approximately the first 100 characters are what show up in the knowledge panel on desktop screens and about 55 characters on a mobile device (as seen below).  As of now, the text in Google Posts, do not add additional SEO value for a company, so stay away from keyword stuffing. In fact, in most cases, less is more. Try spacing out the text with paragraph breaks to make the post easy to skim through. Overall this new tool should be thought of as an awesome way to advertise and claim some additional real estate in a Google search result.

Google Posts Mobile View Attorney Maryland

Side note: Currently videos and GIFs are not supported but stay tuned as they could be added in the future.

What should a company post?

1) Restaurants could post daily/weekly specials or highlight a specific event like happy hour (see below).

2) Law Firms could post specific practice areas they would like to highlight or a new law that has passed in the city in which they are located.

3) Small Businesses could direct customers to a newsletter signup page or highlight sales and coupons.

4) Consultants could use posts to direct people to an online booking system to setup an initial consultation.

Google Posts Desktop Screen View

The Wrap-Up

Google Posts are a game changer and for the time being a competitive advantage until the rest of your industry learns of this new small business online marketing tool. One thing to note is that Google My Business posts only last for approximately seven days with the exception of some event postings. The posts will still live inside the post tab on your knowledge panel but won’t be displayed in the knowledge graph. For more information on Google Posts and how to win at local SEO marketing, send us a message or call us at (202) 683-6881.

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