Are Your Landing Pages Up To Par?

Landing pages are the doorway into your website. Online viewers arrive at them in many ways; through Pay-Per-Click campaigns, social media pages, email marketing and local marketing referral websites. What’s on your landing page makes viewers decide to dive deeper into your site or drop off — are your landing pages sending the right message?

Elements Of Great Landing Pages

Google refers to it as the “landing page experience” — all the elements you want on your page to create a positive viewing experience. A good landing page:

  • Offers original content that is both relevant and helpful
  • Makes viewers see your site as credible and your business as trustworthy
  • Allows for easy navigation throughout the rest of your site

Great landing pages present information clearly. Your content should be concise, and perfectly edited; poor grammar and misspellings don’t portray your business as a trustworthy source. Clear calls to action should be present, guiding the viewer to make the move you desire. Images and other media should complement your content, not distract from it. The same goes for your overall design of the landing page; it should not take attention away from the material you’re presenting on the page.

Make Landing Pages Convert

Your landing pages must make the viewer take the next step through your sales funnel. So how can you create a landing page that increases conversions? For starters, incorporate the points above.

The key to optimizing your landing page for conversion is to present the right information the right way. Create familiarity between your advertisements and their landing pages by matching design and the headline between the two — they’ll know they’re in the right place this way, and will continue to take in the additional info on the page. With the right content and page design, you can provide your viewers all the information they need to complete your desired marketing goal. A goal can be a shopping cart purchase, a phone call, a digital download, or filling out a contact form.

Take Your Landing Pages Local

If your business has multiple locations, it’s crucial to localize your landing pages. Separate pages should be created for each location, helping your business attract local searchers to your site. Local landing pages show your viewers that your business services their needs, in their area. Resist the urge to copy content from one page and simply change the city name — each page must have unique content or you risk being penalized for duplicate content in search results.

Translating To Mobile

Mobile landing pages are a different game, and need to be optimized for viewing on these devices. What looks good on your computer screen will not look the same on a smartphone or a tablet. Keep in mind that these devices are used differently; a finger is the mouse, and it’s difficult to click small text and buttons when a desktop page pops up on a mobile device.

If you want to increase conversions amongst mobile viewers, tailor your landing pages to their devices. Create content that doesn’t take a great deal of scrolling on a small mobile screen to view entirely. Large, easily clickable buttons help a viewer take the action you want. When you have a mobile landing page in place, this version will show automatically, and is much more user-friendly.

Put Your Landing Pages To Work

If your landing pages are lacking, let Plush Marketing give them a make over. Our team will design great landing pages for your products or services that send the right message to your viewers while increasing your sales and generating more leads.  Contact PLUSH for more information!

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