Setup A Google My Business Listing For Google Maps!

One of the most important indicators Google uses to rank your website is quality inbound links. Adding your company’s NAP (Name, Address, and Phone Number) to relevant online listings can help boost your search engine rankings and generate more leads for your business. Follow the steps below to claim your FREE Listing!

1) First go to Google and type in “Google My Business”

search for my business

2) Click on the link in the search result

Click On Search Link

3) Then select “Get on Google”

Select Get On Google

4) Then sign into your Google account

Then Sign In

5) Type your address to find your location

Find your business location

6) If Google can’t find your business you will have to manually enter your company name, address and phone number

Tip: Make sure your Name, Address and Phone Number is consistent in all of your online listings

Enter NAP

7) Then click to agree to the Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

8) Click the right arrow to enter contact name

Mail Me My Code

9) Enter a contact name for the postcard

Enter a contact name

10) In 1-2 weeks you will receive a pin number in the mail to verify your business.

Wait for the pin number

11) When you receive your pin number log into your account, enter the pin and click on submit.

Enter your pin

Congratulations! You business will be live on Google Maps within minutes. You are on your way to boosting your search engine rankings and generating new leads!

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