How To Reach New Customers and Increase Sales with Google Posts Classy Women on Smartphone

Did you know that you can reach new customers and increase sales with Google Posts? In fact, it is hard to believe that in 2020 less than 10% of verified businesses still don’t  take advantage of this free posting opportunity provided by Google. In the world where search engine real estate comes at a premium, adding Google Posts to your online marketing strategy is a no brainer. Below are tips for you to start successfully posting on Google.

Incorporate GMB Posts with Social Media Marketing

Google My Business (GMB) is Free Advertising for your business. When your company appears in a local search result, people see your Google Listing, so you should take full advantage of engaging potential customers and highlighting specific products or services. Google posts allow you to post images, descriptions and a call to action (CTA) button that links to your website or allows people to call you directly.

For those who think, I don’t have time to manage another online marketing channel and come up with additional content, consider repurposing your social media offerings. Simply edit your image to 1200px by 900px, adjust your caption and select your CTA. By adding this step to our social media marketing routine for clients and linking to a service, product or landing page, we have seen online conversions increase.

Create Google Post Set Up

Getting the MOST out of Google Posts

There are a few options when it comes to crafting your post on Google.

  1. Offer Post – This post allows you to offer a special deal on products or services and attach a coupon to the post. Here you can also add an image or video.
  2. What’s New Post – This is the standard Google post that allows you to post and image/video, description and CTA.
  3. Event Post – This posts allows you to post an event related to your business along with an image or video.
  4. COVID19 Update – This post allows you to provide an update that is COVID related.

With our experience we have found that the What’s New post works the best when it comes to converting people performing local searches. This post type allows you to provide written content but most importantly the first 15 words (approximately) will display as a caption with in the search results. Think of this as a free display ad.


Google Post Search View Example

Unlike the Offer and Event Post, the What’s New Post will only last for 7-days. At the very least your company should be posting on Google once a week. We have found success posting more than once a week and tend to include the best social media offerings of the week into our GMB post.

Start Implementing Google Posts Today

Since we wrote about Google Posts in 2017, we have seen engagement on our client’s websites increase steadily. There is untapped value that your business can take advantage of immediately by implementing these posts into your online marketing strategy. If you would like more information about posting on Google or would like to find out how PLUSH can manage this for you, send us a message below.

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