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Facebook is still the top social media platform in the world and almost every person who uses social media, has an account on Facebook. Facebook provides amazing opportunities for businesses to advertise to customers online and their Facebook Messenger chat application, makes communicating with customers easy. While live chat for websites have become extremely popular recently, many businesses should consider whether they want to make a considerable investment into live chat software. An alternative to live chat software is integrating Facebook Messenger into your website…for FREE!

Integrating Facebook Messenger into your website is beneficial for many reasons. First you can consolidate messaging into one location, instead of setting up yet another platform that your business will have to learn and manage. Additionally, you are able to track potential customers through Messenger and remarket to them, as well as building up your custom audiences for Facebook advertising. Furthermore, Facebook Messenger will keep track of your conversation history with each customer, allowing for more insights.

Integrating Facebook Messenger Example of Facebook Chat App on Homepage

Example of Integrating Facebook Messenger with a website.

Adding Facebook Messenger to your website is easy to do, and can be done by any savvy DIY business owner and by reaching out to your web manager or marketing team. Once the app is integrated, you will immediately be able to chat with customers through your Facebook app on both desktop and mobile devices.

For our clients at PLUSH Marketing, who we have provided Facebook consulting for, we have seen a significant boost in engagement on their website, Facebook advertising and search engine optimization. There is a growing customer base who prefers to communicate with businesses through chat, to get answer for general questions about the business. It also helps to create an optimal first touch point with a customer. This allows you to provide easy value to a potential customer as well as begin guiding them through your branded customer journey.

For more information about integrating Facebook Messenger with your website and starting to communicate with potential customers through chat, send us a message or call us at (202) 683-6881.

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