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2019 will be the year that will change internet marketing as we all know it and use it.  Just publishing content is not enough for consumers who are getting information from every direction, on every social media platform, on every device they own. In 2018, some of these changes slowly started to peep their way into our daily use, but now they are launching off at 100 miles per hour. Four trends that will impact every part of your life are chatbots, artificial intelligence, personalization and voice search. Think: C-A-P-V. 

Chatbots Are The Hot Trend

Chatbots will be at the bottom-left or bottom-right corner of your screen when entering a website. Have a question, don’t understand something and want a soon to immediate answer? That is why chatbots were created. They are able to hold basic conversations and give more live customer service support than you might expect. Chatbots are also seeing how you navigate pages and will answer questions based on your actions, before you ask the question. Often times they will show the user commonly asked questions to save time typing them. For the company, it saves them money in the customer service department and they have already proven fruitful in decreasing website page bounce rates. Many companies are also already using a nice picture, an employee’s photo or a cool avitar for the face of the chatbot. 

AI Is Coming Soon

You cannot say 2019 without saying artificial intelligence, or AI, as it is almost always referred to. When it comes to any company’s digital marketing, AI can be used in limitless ways: from retargeting, notifications, specific click tracking, creating content and improving sales and marketing funnels. AI analyzes behavioral patterns very closely to better users’ experiences. For businesses, it’s to better serve for their products and services. Expect to see AI marketing only expand, which directly leads into the next big trend of 2019: Personalization.

Get Personal

Getting an email with your name makes that much more of a difference when it comes to closing deals. Personalization does lead to turning marketing qualified leads (MLQs) into sales qualified leads (SLQs). We as consumers like to feel more than just another number, another customer, another purchase, we enjoy that personalized factor. Businesses that will truly stand out this year will go beyond personalized email marketing, they will use this in their content and products.

Hey Siri

Amazon Alexa did put voice search on the map for the average consumer, but this is the year for voice search in internet marketing. Voice recognition and voice search though smart speakers and devices can be throughout a home, office or another space, all to make one’s life easier and handsfree. The verbal command system is changing marketing as a whole, to have those in the business analyze whether their content is good enough to be picked up and read by these devices. 

The year has just begun, innovation for 2019 is here to stay.

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