Focus On The Following Local Ranking Factors To Win At Local Search


Google uses a combination of local ranking factors to determine the relevance of your business. The type of service your company provides plays a big role in determining relevance. During each search, Google uses several relevance signals to calculate which businesses would “best” match what the user is looking for at that moment.

Here are some of the Top Local Search Signals for relevance:

Making sure that your company’s services are clearly stated and with optimal descriptions consistently everywhere online is a must.


People who search Google with a search term and city name (IE coffee shop Rockville MD) will generally see different results than searching for the keyword without a city name (IE coffee shop). In the event that you don’t use a geographic location in your search, Google will return results based on your location.

Desktop Searches – Google will return local search results based on your ISP location for Desktop and WIFI users.

Mobile Searches – The results for smartphone users will be based on location and GPS.

Often the radius for phone searches will be reduced to a 1-3 mile radius, where as a desktop search could return businesses further away from your location.


Standing out from the competition is crucial. So how do you show an algorithm that you are more important than your competitor? You optimize the most important search signals that Google relies on to determine the best local search results to display.

Here are some of the Top Local Search Signals:

  • Inbound Local Links
  • Online Business Listings
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Online Reviews

All of these search signals provide Google with and idea of how prominent your business is and can encourage higher search results for your business!

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