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As the world continues the shift to mobile, search engines are changing how they return search results. Companies like Google, Microsoft and Facebook are concentrating on the location of Internet users as a major factor in returning those search results. This concentrated focus on local search marketing has grown in large part because of the demands from advertisers and their need for more control over how they target their customers. As a digital marketing agency we understand how to take advantage of these important changes and provide a variety of local search marketing services to help your company outperform the competition.

Is Your Focus Global Or Local?

Understanding who your core customer base is will determine a large part of your digital marketing focus. While it’s tempting to reach as many people as possible given that sales can often be a numbers game, it’s important to distinguish whether your online strategy should be global or local. If you are unsure of which approach is best for your company then here is a good place to start. Products, digital apps or services that are delivered to your customers (especially in the form of digital downloads) often find tremendous value in a global digital marketing strategy, while brick and mortars, where customers visit their location, are more likely to benefit from a local search marketing strategy. This is not a hard and fast rule but it will certainly help narrow your focus for online marketing and help to identify where to spend those important marketing dollars.

Below Is A List Of Our Local Search Marketing Services

Local Business Listings – Long gone are the days of purchasing a yellow book listing for the year and moving on to the next step in your marketing strategy. Online directories have replaced the phonebooks and it seems they are a dime a dozen. Our online producers can do the tedious work of adding your company to the many different directories. Simply put, the more directories your company is listed in will increase traffic to your website, the page rank, and conversions. While Google Plus, Yahoo Local, Bing Local and Yelp are important local business directories for company to list with, this is just the beginning.

Search Directory Management – Some companies go through the process of listing their company on a few of the local business directories. After a short period of time they decide they don’t want to deal with the headache of managing current listings or submitting their listings to other local directories. We are happy to step in and take this burden off your shoulders and understand this can be a big undertaking for a small to medium size business. As one of our more important local search marketing services, we will review and clean up all current listings to make sure the correct business information for your company is consistent across the web.

Local Video SEO – High quality is very important when producing video but if it’s NOT optimized correctly very few people will get a chance to see it. We will optimize your video with precise descriptions, tags (including GEO Tags) and links to make sure it’s promoted with the proper distribution it deserves. This way you will never have to answer the question “If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”

Local Landing Pages – Creating local landing pages for the different cities where your business is located or that your business serves is great for local search results. If your local page is optimized correctly you will be able to go after particular search queries that the larger local directories simply are unable to target.

Google Business Photos – Creating an attractive 360 virtual tour that can be showcased on Google Maps is an extremely powerful local search marketing tool. A potential new customer deciding which business or restaurant to try for the first time could potentially be persuaded to visit your location over a competitors because of your online tour. Google Business Photos have helped many businesses stand out in search results and have provided huge boosts in local search engine optimization. Link the virtual tours to your Google Plus account or embed it on your website for added SEO enhancements.

Custom Mobile Sites – If your website is NOT optimized for mobile then you are missing out on a larger number of potential new business. Since over half of mobile phone searches are related to local search, it’s an absolute must that your website is optimize correctly. While we are optimizing your website so potential customers can easily read and navigate your site on their mobile phones, we also work with you to determine what content (from your website) actually needs to be displayed on the mobile site. Custom mobile sites allow you to show only the content that mobile users need.

Ready To Take Advantage Of Local Search Marketing Services?

If you have decided your company can benefit significantly from local search marketing or would like to learn more information, then contact us to speak with an online marketing consultant. We can create a custom local marketing plan that works best for your company or help facilitate your current strategy. People in your city could be looking for your business or restaurant right now, so let’s make sure they can find you!

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