What are micro-moments?

Micro-moments are those quick moments of intrigue throughout every day life that prompts people to turn to their mobile devices with a question for Google. Each of these moments is based on four intentions that Google considers micro-moments and more importantly something your business should be including with your overall Internet marketing strategy.

The four Google categories of micro-moment search intentions include:

  1. I Want To Know
  2. I Want To Go
  3. I Want To Do
  4. I Want To Buy

The more you understand about your customers’ lifestyle and how you can capture their attention during these types of micro-moments, the better your business will be positioned to win in this new era of online marketing. In fact, Google states “people are more loyal to their need in the moment than to any particular brand.” In this article we will explore the different behaviors behind each of these intentions.

I Want To Know:

This type of search is usually research into a specific topic and would also be considered the top of the funnel when it comes to sales. When someone is in the research phase usually they are not looking for the hard sell (of that in-your-face marketing). Most likely a micro-moment has peeked someone’s curiosity as they turn to their mobile device to investigate more about this topic. This would be a perfect opportunity to create remarkable content that includes everything the searcher would need to know about this topic.

I Want To Go:

This type of searcher intent should be paramount for local businesses to harness their local search focus. People experiencing these type of micro-moments, usually are searching for a local business in their area which can mean they are probably already in a purchasing mode. In this moment, it’s very important that the searcher can find an address and phone number quickly to make getting to your location simple. Also, this would be a great opportunity to make sure it is easy to see all of your amazing 5-star reviews to further solidify that they are making a great decision visiting your location.

I Want To Do:

A search like this could come at the beginning or end of the purchasing process. The most important thing to remember here is that the searcher wants to do or get something done. To take on this type of search, you could view it as a “how to” moment. Creating content like tutorials or “how to videos” can be perfect for these micro-moments. If the anticipated moment is more activity based, then consider content that highlights an exact (or similar) experience to entice a potential customer to take the next step.

I Want To Buy

This is by far the micro-moment that every brand wants to be a part of as we can see by how competitive it is to rank for these types of Google searches. Searches with the “buying” intentions are considered bottom of the sales funnel, as most likely the searcher has already completed the research part and knows specifically what they are looking to buy. Many brands will look to PPC (paid per click) campaigns to make sure they are the first search result a potential customer will see when they turn to their mobile device. This is a very effective strategy. It is also very important to understand the context of each of these searches, so you can adjust your Internet marketing strategy accordingly to deliver exactly what your customers are looking for in these moments. This means looking for clues like the searchers location, time and device to help you present the best experience possible.

Winning in micro-moments!

To win in the new world of mobile micro-moments, you will need to anticipate when your customers will experience these type of moments and how your information, products or services can be a solution for their needs. It is more important that your customers find your business to be relevant in their time of need. The experience you provide for your customers in these moments has to be quick and effortless. If you can accomplish this, especially early on here in the “golden era of mobile,” then your business will flourish in online marketing.

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