Last year we saw a big shift in the way people access content online. Every year more people are gaining access to the Internet and the majority of people are doing so through smart phones, tablets or other mobile devices. The digital divide that was once as big as the Grand Canyon is much smaller now and the gap continues to narrow everyday. Below are mobile marketing trends for 2014 that you or your company should be thinking about.

The Internet Is For Everybody

The days of accessing the Internet as a luxury pastime are behind us now as more people get connected everyday. It is more affordable than it’s ever been to connect especially with mobile devices. Businesses who refuse to utilize mobile marketing will be left behind while their competition corners the market. Excuses like “our customers can’t afford it” or “our customers are too old for mobile marketing” are just that – excuses! According to comScore’s mobile marketing statistics approximately 148 million Americans own smartphones and 72 million own tablets. That number will certainly increase in 2014.

To Be Responsive Or Not To Be

Responsive is not just water cooler talk anymore. That’s right, the question about responsive websites has moved into the boardroom. Mobile strategies will play a major role in most digital marketing strategies moving forward. Since the average person accesses the Internet on many different devices, websites now have to account for multiple screen sizes. A responsive website is coded to recognize which screen size a person is viewing a website with and will automatically resize the site to fit the screen for a better navigation and viewing experience. It certainly is a more economical way to transition into a mobile marketing strategy, if creating separate mobile apps are too expensive for your current marketing budget. Predicting the evolution of the web and which devices will change Internet viewing behaviors is impossible. For now Responsive is a good solution that will lead you in the right direction as the web continues to evolve over the next couple of years.

Google Rewards Certain Types Of Mobile Marketing

This year mobile SEO strategies will be more important than ever. Google has already shown that it will boost your website rankings if your site is properly optimized for mobile. Online marketers have already seen the increase in mobile metrics within Google Analytics and Google Adsense. Although Google will never share the recipe for the all-important algorithm, Matt Cutts (the head of Google’s web spam team) spoke about the importance of a mobile strategy at Pubcon and even recently tweeted about it on the Christmas holiday.

Tweet About Mobile Strategy

See It…Snap It

Mobile marketing trends also continue to show an increase in interest for images while showing a decrease in attention for text when it comes to social networks. With the explosion of Instagram and the rise in popularity of Pintrest, people are snapping photos at record rates and sharing them just as fast. Last year AdAge published that 10 percent of all photos taken since the invention of the camera had come between 2011 and 2012. Many mobile strategy consulting agencies expect that to double in 2014.

Local Mobile Marketing Get’s Personal

When it comes to local brick and mortar businesses it pays (literally) to have a mobile site. People often use apps on their mobile devices to find retail establishments and restaurants while traveling in or outside their hometown using the “location services” feature. This feature takes advantage of GPS by returning search results based upon relevance and your current location. Some of our clients have seen a substantial foot traffic increase just by having us optimize their website for mobile. In 2014 mobile marketing trends tell us that all small businesses should have a local mobile marketing strategy that includes GPS and SMS marketing. Now that you have access to affordable digital marketing tools, the coming year will be about personalizing the mobile experience for your consumers.

A Mobile Marketing Prediction

Overall having a mobile strategy in 2014 is imperative for individuals and companies who want people to consume their content, products or to use their services. Want a bold prediction? In the New Year, people will spend more time accessing the Internet through a mobile device than a desktop computer. It’s time to get creative with the different types of mobile marketing. For more information about our mobile marketing services at Plush Marketing, contact us today and speak with a digital marketing consultant.

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