New Yelp Features For Restaurant Marketing - Restaurant Owners Using Computer

Yelp has added new features that restaurants can take advantage of for marketing their restaurant using the Yelp platform. New features for Restaurants on Yelp are being offered Free for a short period of time to help restaurants cope with closing the Dine In service. Yelp new features include Yelp Connect, Page Upgrades, Business Highlights and a GoFundMe donate button. Below we will review the new features to help you decide if it could be a good fit for your restaurant.

Yelp Connect

Yelp connect is a new feature that allows you to create posts for your restaurant. Think of it as Google Post with a few additional post options. Below are a list of the post option.

Post Options Include:
• Announce a new menu item
• Announce an upcoming event
• Promote your happy hour
• Promote a weekly special
• Promote your online waitlist
• Promote your dinner
• Promote your reservations
• Promote your brunch
• Announce a wine list addition
• Share your background story
• Promote your vegetarian menu

Below you can see how your custom posts will on your Yelp listing.

Yelp Connect Desktop View

Page Upgrades and Business Highlights

The Yelp page upgrades allow you to setup a Call To Action Button and also work with the Business Highlights feature. Below are a list of Call To Actions you can have on your account.

Pick a Call To Action
• Support us with gift cards
• Delivering during Covid-19
• To-go options during Covid-19
• Now offering curbside pickup
• Weekly Specials
• Or create your own Call To Action

Then you will decide if you want to send your customers to a phone number or to a web address to complete your call to action. There is also an option schedule an end date for your call to action.

Below is what the call to action button looks like. You can see the color is different to call the customers attention to it.

Business Highlights are similar to Google My Business Attributes. Yelp allows you to select 6 highlights to share as potential eye catching icons to grab your customer’s attention.

GoFundMe Donate Button

Yelp has integrated a GoFundMe button to be available on all restaurant listing pages automatically. This way you can have your community support your restaurant during these tough times. To activate, all you need to do is claim the GoFundMe page through the Yelp link or search for you restaurant directly at

GoFundMe Donate Button Example

For more information about taking advantage of the new Yelp features for restaurants or to learn more about our restaurant marketing services, contact us at (202) 683-6881 or send us a message below.

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