Online Video Marketing Techniques

Have you spent time and money on video marketing without getting the results everyone else seems to be boasting about? Have you seen success from online video marketing but want to take it further? Whatever reason you have for reading this blog post, I have listed 3 very up-and-coming ways to give your online video marketing the jumpstart it needs.

Not only is video growing but it is also evolving with new features and experiences now available. Digital marketing moves fast and to stay ahead of your competition, you need to stay on top of the latest trends. The 3 video marketing tips I have listed will help you do just that.

Make Your Videos Interactive

This isn’t like Charlie And The Chocolate Factory where your customers will be able to grab your product right from their computer screen, although that would be amazing. Interactive videos mean that viewers will be able to change the narrative which will lead to a different outcome. If you’ve ever read a book that had alternate endings back in the day, then you should have a good idea of what experience these interactive videos have to offer. You can create your interactive videos on YouTube.

The only downside to interactive videos is that they don’t work on smartphones yet but there are rumours that this could be a possibility in 2016. This makes it the perfect time to start planning your interactive video. Tippex created an interactive video and because of it, their sales increased by 30% in Europe.

Make Your Videos Social

People watch a lot of videos now on social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram as well as YouTube. Just like you should optimise your website for mobile first, you should also be creating videos for social media. A recent study by IDG found that 44% of people are more likely to buy a product after watching a video on social media.

Because your target audience can already see the pros and cons of your product on their newsfeed, they have probably already made their decision about buying before even clicking through to your website. Not only will this increase conversion rates but it will also increase ROI.

Storytelling Over Selling

The reason why Tippex experienced such a high increase in sales was not just because they created an interactive video, it was because their video had a story. They did not use their video as a sales pitch but yet it still generated a ton of sales. What does this tell you? That storytelling sells more than selling.

Next time you create your video, get your creative minds racing to create a story around your product or service. Storytelling has a better chance of triggering genuine emotions than a sales pitch can.


Hopefully I have given you some good ideas to get you thinking about your next video campaign. You don’t have to try all three in one video. Experiment to see what works best for your business. Introduce one new feature at a time, so you can determine which change led to the increase or decrease in sales or engagement.

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