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Last week we had a restaurant photography shoot at Mosaic Bistro and Bar in Rockville, MD. The restaurant has recently been remodeled and the owner wanted to have high quality photographed images of specific dishes from the menu. Images are important to many restaurants these days, as they can use them on their website, for print marketing and across the many different social media channels. Although it’s possible to snap a pic with a number of smartphones available on the market, there is something about having professional food photography shots of a product or service that still isn’t easy for business owners to do on their own. That’s where we step in :)

Restaurant Photography Grilled Bluepoint Oyster Rockefeller, Speck, Blue Corn Cakes Image

During our restaurant photography session we had a chance to shoot some delicious looking plates of food and our goal was to capture them with an authentic look. With all of the digital tools available today, it is possible to capture an image and completely change the look when you get to the editing stage. For each of these images, we did very little editing beyond adding a bit of contrast and a dash of saturation. For example, it was important that when potential customers saw a picture of a Chocolate Waffle Ice Cream desert, that if they were to order in person, then they would receive it the same way.

Restaurant Photography Chocolate Waffle Ice Cream Image

This photo shoot went off without a hitch. We ended up shooting during a busy time at the restaurant but were able to blend in and capture shots without disturbing any of the customers. In fact, some of the customers even asked to be in some of the shots. Luckily the restaurant photography shoot consisted of mostly images of food, so we were able to focus on what was on the menu.

If you are interested in more information about our food photography services, send us a message or call us at (202) 683-6881.

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