Salon Marketing Trends To Boost The Visibility Of Your Brand Online - Beautiful Woman Taking Selfie in Salon

The salon industry is fierce with plenty of competition fighting for the attention of potential customers. It’s hard to imagine that something as amazing as a Brazilian blowout, Swedish massage or French pedicure can cause such anxiety for salon owners. If you are a struggling to gain more foot traffic at your salon or to build a brand that your customers engage with online, then here are salon marketing trends to boost your visibility online.

Turn Frequently Asked Questions Into Marketing Videos

By now it is no secret that video is the best form of content marketing. It combines all the elements of media (video, audio, graphics and text) into one effect marketing tool. While an FAQ page on your website can be a value content page, imagine the engagement rate your website could have with videos for every FAQ. Beyond creating content that your potential customer could engage with on your website, you are also creating an amazing YouTube video collection that could provide you with SEO benefits as well.

Selfie Station

When you look good, you feel good and what better time to take a selfie to share with the world. Encourage your customers to take that selfie in a designated area of your salon. It doesn’t take much investment and could do wonders for your brand engagement. First you need a fabulous background ideally with your logo and a branded hashtag included. Then install some flattering soft lighting that will guarantee a fantastic selfie shot. If you encourage your clients to take a selfie after a salon treatment, then you are tapping into free word of mouth marketing.

Product Reviews

As a salon you are well versed in a variety of products for hair, nails and skincare. Why not create content aimed at providing potential new clients real reviews on products you have used. Invite your current clients to try samples of their favorite products at home and have them report back to you with their honest thoughts. Showcasing reviews of products your potential customer could be searching for online, could land you a new client. You can always sell your products online with an ecommerce section or entice them to make an appointment at your salon.

Alluring Giveaways

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Offer discounts and/or products that your clients love. In exchange for doing so, you can ask customers to leave you an honest review or have them share their experience on social media. There is a better chance that their followers will convert as a customer for you if they hear if from a trusted source. This can be an amazing strategy for your salon because you now have a representative out there singing your praises without paying high marketing dollars.

Hopefully these salon marketing trends will help you grow online engagement and ultimately increase your revenue. If you have any questions about online marketing, send us a message or call us at (202) 683-6881.

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