A big part of online marketing is Content Development. We’ve all heard content is king a number of times, and certainly feel the pressure to produce marketing content for our clients and perspective buyers. The problem is many people don’t know what type of content to create and more importantly what type of content they think their niche audiences wants to hear.

Here are three ways to develop valuable content for your next digital marketing campaign.

Listen Up

What questions do people constantly ask you during your day-to-day business? If you notice your hearing some of the same questions from people interested in your products or services, don’t get annoyed – be thankful! This is the beginning of quality content that can be distributed throughout your different online platforms. Make a list of these questions and then create digital content around them. An FAQ page is the perfect home for answering questions people have about your business. These questions can be so much more. Creating new content pages, blog posts, podcasts, and video clips answering these questions are also fantastic ways to inform your audience and to gain precious SEO value.

Check The Stats

Have you created a blog post in the past that has generated a lot of views from interested readers? Maybe you created a “How To” post that many readers found useful and even posted a number of comments. Pat yourself on the back, because you have struck gold. Congratulations you have your audience’s attention. In efforts to reach more potential customers, you should turn a blog post like this into a video. A “How To” video could reach a different part of your target market that prefers watching videos to reading blog posts.

Ask And You Shall Receive

Your social networks and email lists are much more than a platform to communicate to your customers about new products and services. In fact, you will notice much more engagement from your audience if you connect with appealing discourse. Your digital network should be considered as focus group not a list of leads. Ask them questions related to your industry. This is a perfect way to identify their needs and frustrations, which will provide opportunity for you to better serve your audience. People love to share their opinions and will consider you authentic for caring about their needs. So survey your network and you will find a long list of topics for content creation.

Next Step

There are many inspirations that can spark valuable content creation. Our clients have found much success employing these three straightforward brainstorming methods for their content development. For more information on how to create valuable digital marketing content for your business, contact us here at PLUSH. One of our digital marketing consultants is ready to help you today!

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