Video production has quickly become the best Internet marketing strategy for businesses online. Recently we produced several videos for one of the top electrician companies in Maryland. This video marketing campaign increased engagement with the company’s customers through their social media channels, online business listings and their website. Video can be used in a variety of ways to brand your company and tell your story. Below are a few videos from the video marketing campaign that display the different messaging they wanted to convey to their customers.

Using Video Marketing To Tell Stories

Online Commercials

These 15-second Internet commercials were shot in studio as part of an online video marketing campaign. The goals was to communicate a variety of deals and services that the company offered directly to their customers by way of social media and their website.

A studio video production shoot can be extremely cost effect for a business. All the elements such as lighting or sound can be controlled, which decreases time and resources spent on a video shoot. It also increase the type of production value you can bring to your marketing videos. Within just over an hour, we were able to create 8 marketing videos to distribute throughout each of their marketing channels.

Although the post-production was the longest part of this video production project, it still was a relatively quick process because we were able to streamline the process during the in studio shoot.

Job Posting Videos

This video production project we produced as part of a marketing strategy to attract “new hires” on social media with an authentic feel of their company culture.

The production process of this video took place at the company’s office and warehouse space. The goal was to communicate the benefits for working at the company and to also give perspective new hires an idea of what the company culture would be like. The style of the shoot was handheld docu-style to give it more of an authentic feel.

How Video Marketing Increased Brand Engagement

Shortly after posting the first batch of videos on online the company started to see an uptick in engagement on social media as well as a boost in Google. Internet marketing has become a cluttered space online making it difficult for businesses to cut through the noise to find an audience. With millions of blogs being published everyday, we needed to find a way for our client to stand out. By producing quality videos with a clear message we were able to create content that was interesting while also getting their clients to engage. After seeing the video marketing campaign increase engagement we have now set a schedule to shoot videos on a monthly basis to tell the story of their brand.

The Biggest Takeaway

How you produce your video can make or break your brand. When produced correctly, videos can take your brand to the next level. Video marketing can give your company a competitive advantage because other companies either don’t see the value in it or don’t understand how to approach the video production process. By taking advantage of video you have the opportunity to tell your company’s story and increase brand awareness with your customers.

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