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Video production is the method of creating a video using a 3-step process. A carefully crafted video requires preproduction, production and post-production to be successful.

There are many different platforms you can distribute your video, which your landing pages, email, social and blog content. We are able to create high impact videos that will not only attract new users to your website but will also help them travel through your sales funnel.

Videos are engaging and can really portray a product, service or event like no other form of online marketing. If a user can see exactly how a product works or looks like then they will feel more comfortable in buying. This comfortability will inevitably lead to increased conversion rates.

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Below is an explanation of our process for the video production services we offer, to help you get prepared to make the best video possible.

Our Video Production Process:

Preproduction is an important part to planning a video production and almost always determines the success of every video. During this part of the process, we work closely with decision makers to identify the goal of the video. We start with our video marketing questionnaire that provides us with the information we need to speak to the target audience. We believe every video has a story to tell, and it is our job to produce that story.

The next step is to write the video script, which will contain dialogue, as well as act as a road map for the final video. Scriptwriting starts with creating a video outline that will help identify the main points of the video. Once we complete the video outline we will, draft the first version of the script. Then we will review the script with the client to gain their input and to collect revisions for the final script. Next we will revise a final script that will determine what video we capture in production and how we edit that video in post-production.

Now that we have a video script, it’s time to create a shot list for production. This helps determine key details like how many days we will need for video production, how many locations we will have to shoot at, and what type of actors or models we will need for each scene. Often included in this part process is location scouting and obtaining permits to shoot in public places.  Then we work closely with the client to coordinate a video production schedule. Finally we will prepare video equipment, which will complete the preproduction process.

Pro Tip: “Make sure you devote enough time and thought to preproduction to ensure successful video production.”

Production is a mix of art and science while recording HD or 4K-video, in order to visually match the story in a video script. The process usually consists of producing multiple video clips of each scene on a video shot list, to provide several options, when editing in post-production. We approach every shot with detailed attention, to craft ways to create the highest level of production value. Throughout the video production process it’s important to have access to quality video equipment accessories, to increase the value of production.

Here is a list of accessories for our video production services to increase production value!

  1. Highend HD or 4K Cameras – with brands like Red, Cannon and Sony
  2. Jib – a seesaw like device with a camera mount on one end and hand controls on the other end
  3. Steadicam – a camera mount worn by the camera operator to stabilize the camera for smooth multidirectional shots
  4. Dolly – a camera platform on wheels or a slider that helps produce smooth gliding shots front to back and side to side
  5. Drone – advanced flying camera system to capture dramatic exterior aerial video shots

Along with camera and accessories for the video shoot, you will need to have the correct lighting equipment to help capture the most colorful video images at the best lighting exposure. Every video production should have a lighting plan. This plan can include a small three light setup, consisting of a key light, fill light and backlight or a lighting setup that is much more complex. Our gaffers are fully equipped to handle any lighting scenario.

Capturing video is only 50% of the video production process. Another key aspect is audio recording. Our soundmen that work on location or in our studio use a variety of professional grade microphones as well as audio recorders. Videos with quality sound recordings, can take an average video to the next level with the right audio techniques.

The video production can be a complex process but at the end of the day the goal is very simple. The aim is to setup the best individual shots with the proper lighting, a clean audio recording and to capture crystal clear colorful imagery with a quality video camera.

Pro Tip: “Create room in your video budget for quality video, lighting and audio equipment as well as a professional operators to preform each of these job on the production.”

Post-production is where the magic happens. This is the part of the video production process that brings the story to life! Our video editors skillfully blend imagery, motion graphics, soundtrack music, voiceovers, and video footage together.

First we edit an audio track that syncs video footage, voiceover and/or music together, guided by the script that we create in preproduction. Then we select the best video clips, design attractive motion graphics (onscreen text and animation), and edit each multimedia asset together, to create one video masterpiece. Finally we export the final video with high quality compression settings, to deliver optimized video files. Each file is customized to play depending on the platform or device; our clients plan to showcase them. Whether it’s large monitors, websites, email marketing campaigns, office lobby displays or mobile devices, we have a specific compression setting to deliver optimal viewing results.

Pro Tip: “If you plan to share your videos on your website or through email marketing campaigns, use a third part video hosting company like YouTube, Wistia or Vimeo to host each video.

Hopefully about a million ideas are running through your head right now on how you can use video for your landing pages, email, social and any other marketing channel. We can help to organize those ideas as well as input our own ideas to create a video that will be sure to see increased and brand engagement. We will also help to build a full video marketing strategy so you can reap the rewards continuously.

Whether your goal is to get additional traffic to your landing pages or to increase conversion rates on landing pages, we will discuss what your goals are. We want to get you excited about all the things you can do with video.

To find out more about our video production services, fill out our Video Production Service Questionnaire to help us provide you with an accurate quote. Once we understand what you are trying to achieve, we can design the most effective video marketing strategy for you. Feel free to call our office or fill out our contact form and one of our video marketing consultants will contact you.

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