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What makes the Law Offices Of Paul D Hunt stand out from the competition?

Paul is a top rated attorney who lives and works in Washington DC. With over 25 years of experience he knows the all the judges (and more importantly their tendencies) and has helped to change laws with his legal knowledge.

What were the early marketing challenges that the Law Offices Of Paul D Hunt experienced?

In the legal profession many lawyers have started marketing with a big Internet marketing (they who shall not be named) company that focuses on the legal industry. After spending marketing dollars with a company like this for a year, the Law Offices Of Paul D Hunt felt like their company wasn’t gaining the attention it was looking for online.

When working with a big Internet marketing company, you often pay a hefty price for services that your not always sure if you need. Also there is a lot of turnover with there sales representatives and project  managers, so you never feel like you have direct line to your marketing team.

That’s where we stepped in!  As a smaller boutique online marketing agency, our clients have direct line to their content creators and brand designers. We assessed the Law Offices Of Paul D Hunt’s Internet presence inside the district of the Nation’s Capitol. We quickly dealt with a website that was built structurally incorrect and had many broken links. There was also content strategy that needed a complete overhaul. Lastly, the Law Offices Of Paul D Hunt social proof was no was almost non-existent.

New Law Firm Website Design


Once developed a new website for the Law Offices Of Paul D Hunt, we quickly moved to creating content on a consistent basis that targeted keywords potential clients would use (and have used) to capture new leads. At the same time we created immediate social proof with video marketing and amazing client reviews that potential clients could trust and ultimately would encourage them to contact the Law Offices Of Paul D Hunt after they found their website.

Video Testimonial

What has been the Law Offices Of Paul D Hunt experience working with Plush Marketing?

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