Electrical Connections is a top rated electrician company located in Gaithersburg Maryland. As this company continues to grow it was time to restructure the website and to clean up the user experience. There was also a lot of new content to be added to the site as part of our new content initiative. Electrical Connections provides a number of important services and we felt there was a need to make sure each service was on display.

Electrician Company Web Design Video Tour

Working with different screen sizes

Our goal for the website was to implement a clean design that would make it easier for customers to view their website and quickly navigate to section that is most relevant. While Responsive websites are the standard these days, we paid close attention to the mobile experience as well. There were certain features on the desktop version of the website that were not useful on a mobile device (and vice versa), so we carefully selected which features we would show and hide depending on screen size.

Shine a light on great reviews

Working with a company that provides an excellent service makes marketing all that much easier. Our job is simply to get potential customers to the website and the previous work experience will sell itself. Beyond the Local SEO techniques that we employ on a monthly basis, we decided to take advantage of all their 5-star reviews by feeding third party sites like Yelp, Google and Facebook into the website, so every time a review is added online, it is funneled into the website via our review management software.

Top content management system

The website was developed on the most popular content management system platform known as WordPress. We have found that a majority of the companies that we work with, like using WordPress because it allows their in-house team to make content updates without having a web developer background in coding.

Looking to the future

The website structure was developed to allow the company to grow the content on a bi-weekly or monthly basis and accommodate easy navigation for its visitors. Stay tuned for video marketing content additions as we move into Phase 2 of the online marketing plan for Electrical Connections.

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