Often times business owners (especially new owners) struggle with selecting the right platform to create their company website. There are so many options available today including free websites, template based websites and custom designed websites. While free websites can be an enticing way to cut costs for a business, there are shortcomings that can reduce the level of branding and impede the growth of your online storefront. At the same time a business can be tempted with dreams of grandeur, by fixating on a custom solution that may be more of a want than a need. Custom solutions can become pricy quickly and may not be necessary when it comes down to executing the specific goals of the website. Here we will discuss what type of website solutions are best for your business.

Are free websites good for business?

Free websites can be alluring to business owners, especially those who are just starting out. It seems like a great way to cut costs but beware of the limitations.

Domain Control

Most free options like Wix, Squarespace or Yola require you to use their name in your URL address (IE www.mysite.com). In turn for offering you a free website you are providing them with more traffic to their site, which means more people to upsell there platform to. To use your own URL address you will typically have to pay an additional fee for this.

Get That Ad Out Of Here

Free websites often require your site to show ads promoting their web platform and or tagging your site with their branding. For many businesses showing ads on their website can be a turnoff. For online publications that have proven readership, it is more understandable that we will see adds on their website but for a new small business it looks weird (or worse – cheap ☹)

What Is You Plan For Growth

If you’re just starting out, you probably have your business plan near you, so let’s take a page from this process. Think about your website as an online storefront and consider how you see it growing in the future. More importantly, what those needs will require? We get a number of clients who start with a free website and then reach out to us for web development services that ultimately require a new website, because they outgrew their free website.

Why WordPress is the best platform for small business!

If you are in the process of creating a new or even your first company website, then consider looking at a website platform like WordPress. No not the free version! If this is a serious venture that you see possibly growing into a flourishing business, then give it the website it deserves.

Get A Valuable Website With Strength In Numbers

WordPress is an open-source web development software, which means the original source code is available to everybody in the world to be customized in many different ways. By having a large community of people using the same website solution, you will have access to all sorts of designs and add-ons to build a website to meet your needs.

What Type Of Website Do You Need?

Traditionally built to be a blogging platform, WordPress has expanded its platform to build all types of websites. The WordPress community is filled with templates (or also referred to as themes) that are designed for different audiences. You can start with themes for e-commerce sites, news platforms, portfolios, business websites and the list goes on.

Growing Your Website In Good Hands

Building your website with WordPress goes well beyond the design. The add-ons that are available by different developers give you access to sell products, capture leads, implement search engine optimization and so much more.

Business Owners Know You Get What You Pay For

A website should be thought of as an online storefront that is representing your brand to the rest of the world. When you represent your business day to day in the physical form, you always try to put your best foot forward, so doing the something online only makes sense. Putting aside a budget for your company’s website is important and it doesn’t have to brake the bank. With an open source software like WordPress you will always have many options to help you achieve a look or user experience you need for your website. For more information on how you can build an effective website for your businesses, send us a message or call us at (202) 683-6881.

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