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When our digital marketing team evaluates brand identity, we determine what visual characteristics shape the brand as a whole.  The brand identity is more than a logo; it is a blend of a company visually as well as the way a company communicates.  Companies often establish a visual presence through websites, videos, online ads, brochures, signage, letterheads, business cards and other marketing collateral.  When the look and feel of a company is spread across many different mediums and platforms it is important that a brand be represented as one.  One of the first things our digital marketing team prepares when creating brand identities is to develop brand guidelines.  Brand guidelines consist of color, fonts, typography, paginations, and with examples of how the brand can be displayed throughout different mediums.  After the brand guidelines are established it is important to institute how a company will communicate as a cohesive entity.  Our digital marketing team can help to unite the message a company is trying to convey.  This can help the sales team speak with the same voice the social media strategist is conveying online, which is consistent with the video marketing message. Contact PLUSH to assess your brand identity and find out what solutions might be right for your company.

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