Video Production Services

Animation Videos

Animation video, often referred to as an animated explainer video, is a popular form of video production to convey a new product or service. We have produced animation video for many industries.

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Brand Video

Showcase your brand with a video that tells your story. Your customers DON’T want you to sell them, they want to connect with your brand on an emotional level!

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Corporate Video

Capture your next corporate event with video to create content you can share on social media.  Video content is a hot commodity for your website in the corporate world these days!

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Event Video Production

Our event video production services cater to events of all sizes. From creative breakout meetings to celebrating a milestone, we can handle your video needs from concept to completion.

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Healthcare Video

Hospitals, doctors offices, dentists, clinics, pharmaceutical and bio technology companies see the value in using video. Introduce your healthcare services or highlight your medical staff with video bios.

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Recruitment Video Production

The team at PLUSH Marketing specializes in recruitment video production. Our videos have this unique ability to tell a story that resonates with the new hires your company is searching to find.

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Real Estate Video

Real estate video marketing has becoming extremly popular in the highly competitve industry.  Since the early 2000s we have been setting the standard for higher end real estate videos.

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Teleprompter Service

We offer our through the lens video teleprompter service a la carte or as part of your video production package.

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Video Editing

Our video editing process is streamlined and we make it easy for you to collaborate with us online.

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Why Do You Need Video Production?

Video marketing is the most effective way to share your service. This proven method captures your very essence on video and shares your skills with the world. Reach warm customers who are looking for you – and turn them into trusted clients. With video production you can convey any type of information to your clients using a medium that blends all aspects (video, audio, images, graphics and animation) of visual marketing. Give your viewers an insider look at what you do with our professional video production services!

Three Stages Of Video Production


First, we start with a plan. That means coming up with a script, scheduling video production shoot dates, obtaining props, casting talent and more.

  • Kickoff Call/Meeting
  • Scheduling
  • Video Shot List
  • Scriptwriting


Next in the process is video production. This is where we record video of your brand, products or services in the studio or on location.

  • Video Recording
  • Audio Recording
  • Professional Lighting
  • Makeup Artist


This is where the magic happens! Now we edit video, audio, graphics, motion graphics and animation together to produce a final video.

  • Video Editing
  • Audio Editing
  • Motion Graphic Design
  • Animation

Video Production Is The Most Effective Marketing Strategy

Why Video Production is a Vital Part of Your Content Marketing Strategy

Video marketing is a fast and effective way to share your content through a visual medium. Reach audience members by talking about your brand and your expertise. Not only does video production give an insider look at your company personality, it’s a way for you to show audience members what you do … rather than simply telling.

This visual aspect resonates longer and leaves customers with a better idea of what you offer.

We’re here to help you look fabulous on camera, from start to finish. From writing your script and setting the stage, to a final, polished product, we will help you every step of the way.

The Benefits Of Using Video Production Services!

Engage Your Audience

Video is a powerful marketing tool that allows you the opportunity to connect with your audience on an emotional level. Platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram are exploding with video shares!

Video Converts

Adding video to your website can increase conversions or sales 80% over traditional text copy and images. Mobile video ads have almost a 90% completion rate because video is the most consumed content on mobile.

SEO Friendly

People connect to the Internet with mobile devices more than desktop computers. Google has made it clear that video does provide a boost to your website rankings and rewards websites that use quality video production.

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