Video Teleprompter Service

Trough Lens Teleprompter

At PLUSH Marketing, we offer our video teleprompter service a la carte or as part of your video production package. A teleprompter can be the difference in a successful video shoot. Making sure you communicate every detail word for word to your audience is essential. Our teleprompter operators are seasoned and come with professional equipment.

The best teleprompters for video are call trough lens prompters. This type of teleprompter attaches directly to the lens with a clear glass, so the camera lens is directly behind the screen that the talent will be reading from. Since it’s vital that onscreen talent keeps engaging eye contact with the lens of the camera, the through lens prompter is the best choice for your next video production.

If you have talent who is intimidated by a camera then the trough lens teleprompter will help reduce the anxiety as it will hide the camera all together. This way the talent can focus just on reading the prompter without the fear of a lens staring back at them.

Why Use A Professional Service?

While you can rig together a DIY teleprompter setup with a DSLR, iPad or smartphone there is still a number of things that could go wrong at your shoot. Performing can be intimidating for those who are not actors by trade, so having a shoot go seamless as possible is crucial.

Give your talent the confidence and full control during your video shoot to deliver their best performance. Our operators know that it’s on us to make edits to the script on the fly, change font size and adapt the pacing of the teleprompter to the talents preferences.

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For more information about our video teleprompter service or to schedule us for your next video shoot, call us at (202) 683-6881 or send us a message below.

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