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Audiences, clients, customers, and the community take the most action, spend their money, and get involved when they relate or connect to a brand and the brand’s vision or purpose.

That’s where specialized and brand focused photography comes into play. PLUSH specializes in brand photography, which does just that.

Professional brand photos with a dash of coaching to small companies, mom and pop shops, restaurants, healthcare facilities, realtors, and corporate companies alike helps to make the most of your marketing budgeting.

What is brand photography and why do you need it?

Model Photo Shoot at Bethesda Row

Brand photography is a portfolio of professional images that show and share your business visually, while fitting with your company’s visual identity through the use of colors, products, staff, tones, and themes.

These can include photos of a hard working team, products being used by happy customers, services being performed, your space and most importantly the elements that make your business unique. Let your audience connect with your business in a truly special and lucrative way while at the same time showing authenticity, success, and real life.

Also, because we are a boutique agency – this portfolio can be customized, created, designed, and planned all for your specific marketing needs.

Professional Food Photography

Civeche Product Food Photography Shoot

PLUSH offers a way to truly tell the REAL story behind your brand and help distinguish it from the crowd and competition.

Photos that showcase products in a REAL lifestyle setting (employees helping a customer, products actually being used and/or stylishly displayed, services being performed in an authentic way) increases online interaction and puts the attention on your company, and your brand.

Beneficial Across ALL Industries
Interior Design Magazine Photography Shoot

Growing + building + nurturing a brand is hard work across any industry. Competition can be fierce and economic struggles can be numerous.
Whether you’re in a creative industry or a corporate one, having great photos for all your marketing needs can make all the difference!

Brand Photography plugs right into all of the other essential marketing services that PLUSH offers.

Regardless of your industry, you’ll need photos for your website, advertising, social media content, newsletters , SEO content pages, and more. The possibilities are endless.

Let’s Discuss Your Photography Goals!

We provide photography services that custom fit your business. Contact us now to schedule your photography shoot.

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