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Video editing is where the magic happens! If you have a videographer on staff or prefer to shoot your own videos and need assistance with the video editing process, then we can help. At PLUSH Marketing, we have provided post-production services to many businesses across the United States.

Our post production process is streamlined and we make it easy for you to collaborate with us online. Simply upload your raw video from your video production shoot, and we will edit a final video for any type of distribution. Our video editors will customize each video with motion graphics and sound design to increase the production value.

For those businesses that are not video experts but consider themselves DIY specialists, then we are the video partner for you. As video production experts, we can provide your business with consulting on how to shoot raw video using your smartphone or consumer camera that will provide the best assets for us to edit during post-production.

Our Video Editing Process

To prepare for post-production, we start by acquiring all the essential assets to create your video masterpiece. This includes video, images, graphics, logo and script. Once we receive the video assets we will put together an initial edit called “the rough cut,” where we layout a sequence according to your video script. Here we start to tell the story and identify any holes in the content and collaborate with you to select the best content that will fill in the gaps. Your feedback along the way is essential in the success of the video edit.

Video rough cuts are delivered using an online platform where companies can provide notes at every second of the video. While reviewing the video, simply stop the video playback at the precise moment and add your feedback via comment and our editors will make the change.

After the rough cut is delivered and we acquire the necessary notes, we will assemble an additional video edit called “the final cut.” Once the video is complete, we will prepare the video file for delivery. Here it is important to understand where you will distribute the video for viewing. Typically, we deliver videos for websites, social media and television.

Our team of experts, will provide your final video assets via Dropbox for your team to download. We can also deliver via Google Drive or One Drive based on your team’s needs.

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