Suburban Hospital Videography Shoot - Elaine and Nick shooting b-roll in the lobby

PLUSH Marketing recently produced a series of videos for Johns Hopkins Suburban Hospital in Bethesda Maryland. Our video production team worked with the amazing Suburban Hospital marketing team to produce an internal messaging video from President and Chief Operating Officer to help effectively communicate a year end review to all hospital employees. Additionally we also produced a new video about diabetes healthcare for the general public.

Our videography services included production lighting, high end video cameras, wireless microphones and teleprompter. The teleprompter is crucial for these types of shoots as both the president of the hospital and medical doctor both had limited time for recording. Using a teleprompter helps to get a specific message recorded quickly without on camera talent needing to memorize a script. By doing this we cut down on the amount of time and takes each video required to record content.

PLUSH Marketing Video Production Shoot at Suburban Hospital in Bethesda Maryland - Nick and Jon Videography Services

The PLUSH team arrived an hour early to set up our video equipment and have everything ready to shoot. We usually estimate an hour for set up and about 45 minutes to pack up. When shooting healthcare videos as well as working with corporate videography, it’s important to make sure the video shoot goes smoothly and the client doesn’t have to stop to wait on us to capture content.

We Specialize In Healthcare Video Production

As a digital marketing company located in Washington DC and Maple Lawn Maryland, we specialize in healthcare video production. We work with hospitals, doctors, dentist and other healthcare providers in the Washington DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia area. Our team is adept running a smooth operation with our talent producer, director/videographer and teleprompter operator.

Contact PLUSH to find out how we can help you with your healthcare digital marketing and create highly effective videos. For more information on healthcare video production, please call or send us a message below.

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