Villa Maya Restaurant Signature Tacos

The PLUSH content creators visited an amazing Mexican restaurant in Clarksburg Maryland to do a food photography photoshoot for Villa Maya Restaurant. It had been a while since they updated the photos on their website and it was important to the owners that the images represent their up-to-date menu. Villa Maya has two locations including Clarksburg and Rockville Maryland. They are both extremely popular restaurants in their perspective communities.

Villa Maya Restaurant Table spread of delicious entrees

The photoshoot was streamline in 2-hours with a carefully detail pre-production plan with our team, the owner of Villa Maya and the general manager of the restaurant. After onboarding a new client, we always have a pre-shoot Zoom meeting with our clients to review shot lists, specific content needs and how to prepare for the shoot on their end. The feedback from our clients has been great and it makes it so much easier to capture more content in a shorter period of time.

Villa Maya frozen daiquiris

The photoshoot was a huge success and really helped transform the website to showcase Villa Maya’s authentic menu. We always tell our clients, “photos make the website” because without engaging visual content, it’s hard to standout from the competition. The photos can also be repurposed for social media content as well as print marketing for the restaurant. So they will get a lot of use our of one strategic photoshoot.

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