Silver Spring Chamber of Commerce Video Shoot

PLUSH Marketing recently sponsored an event at the Chamber of Commerce in Silver Spring Maryland. At the event, our video production team set up a backdrop, production lighting and recorded elevator pitches for five lucky members. Our team transformed a standard conference room into a production studio to increase the production value of the videos.

Our producer Elaine coached the business owners through the process to get the best performance out of each member. It is definitely not easy to memorize an elevator pitch, look directly in to the camera lens and deliver an Emmy winning performance. Elaine is an accomplished actor and producer so she is happy to share tips and tricks to help talent look their best on screen.

Silver Spring Chamber of Commerce Video Shoot Elaine

The videos came out really good and we were impressed with the business owners preparation for the videos. Each was part of a completely different industry but all of them had to go through the exact same process. When we provide video services, often our video production process is the same and the difference is the content we are shoot. We may light a scene differently or frame a shot uniquely with a specific lens but the type of equipment we use if often the same.

Here is a look at one of our favorite videos from the shoot:

It took us about three hours total to set up the equipment, record the five business owners and then breakdown the equipment. The event was an absolute success and the PLUSH team had great time partnering with the Greater Silver Spring Chamber of Commerce on an event where business owners came together in person to promote business.

If you are interested in learning more about how our video production team can bring a studio set up to your office or professional location, call us at (202) 683-6881 or send us a message.

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