Content Creation at Mama Tigre - Producer and Videographer in front of the restaurant

Last week members of the PLUSH Marketing production team visited one of our favorite clients for a monthly content creation shoot including creating a new podcast. Mama Tigre is an amazing restaurant in Oakton Virginia that offers a Mexican Remixed menu. We captured both photos and videos for various social media platforms.

Red and White Wine Sangria at Mama Tigre

Our content creation process requires many types of digital equipment. The equipment list today consisted of a DSLR camera, cinema camera, stabilizer, microphones and of course the iPhone 13. The various social media platforms require several different aspect ratios. Even within one platform like Instagram or Facebook you posts, stories and reels will require some customizations to enhance the viewing experience.

Elaine and Chef Renu Behind The Scenes Podcast Recording

In addition to the social media content creation, PLUSH Marketing kicked off its first podcast recording for episode one of the DMV Dine In. Elaine sat down with Chef Renu for an interview that dives deeper in to the inspiration of Mama Tigre. The interview was super fun and we learned a lot of cool tidbits about the restaurant. Keep an eye out for the first episode on in the coming weeks.

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