Suburban Hospital Holiday Video Interview Shoot

The Plush Marketing video production team visited Johns Hopkins Suburban Hospital to help produce their annual holiday video. The goal of the video was to recap the year and thank the thousands of employees who work tirelessly at the hospital to help take care of the community in Bethesda Maryland. We were fortunate to collaborate with Suburban’s talented in house marketing team who are always amazing to work with on video production projects.

Our content team consisted of a videographer and teleprompter operator during the production process. The shoot was involved but not overly complicated. We had two different setups including one location requiring a green screen. Typically we ask clients to provide us with 60-minutes to set up for an interview but whenever we need to shoot with a green screen, we like to have 90-minutes. While it’s a straightforward process, this allows us time to work through any unforeseen setbacks within the space or with our equipment.

Green Screen Video Production Camera

Our video production team arrived with lots of equipment that together helps to create the best image possible when recording. We use powerful production lighting which is essential to exposing a great looking image. We always recommend turning off the room lighting and closing the shades on any windows, so we don’t have to work with different color lighting and brightness that may effect the result of the video image. Additionally we bring a large monitor for our clients to view in realtime so they can see first hand what the image looks like going into the camera as well as monitor the result of the performance from their colleague’s interview.

At PLUSH we work with many hospitals, speciality medical practices, dentists and other healthcare providers throughout the Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia area to create photography and videography content. Contact us to find out how we can help your organization with content creation.

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