Steamed Perking Duck Rolls - Food Photographer

Our content creators visited Mosaic Cuisine in Rockville Maryland for a restaurant photoshoot. These photos will be used for their new website and social media posts. Their previous photos just didn’t do their menu or restaurant any justice and the goal of this photoshoot was to highlight their food with appealing images for their customers.

The photoshoot took approximately two hours to complete. We took a walk through with the chef and his partner to establish the best place to shoot in the front of the house that would best represent their restaurant. It’s important to check all the angles to come up with a background that enhances the images. This comes in handy especially when you are shooting with a shallow depth of field which will allow you to get a beautiful soft background to make your dish pop.

French Margarita - Food Photographer

During the shoot it was important to work our a comfortable schedule with the chef that allowed us enough time to set up multiple shots for each dish and to be ready to move one when the next dish comes out. There are a lot dishes that can fall apart pretty quickly so you want to make sure you capture them at their best. Even though we try to schedule all photoshoots during a restaurant’s slow period, there are times where the restaurant can get busier than expected and that can provide some stress for the chef. At that point we will work with the chef to understand the food photography work flow and emphasize the importance of a steady flow of preparing each dish. The worst thing that can happen at a restaurant photoshoot is for the chef to fire up all the dishes back to back. So let’s keep it chill and have fun while we do it!

Croque Madame

We love to tell stories with our imagery that portrays the atmosphere of your restaurant. A picture is worth a thousand words and we want those words to be amazing! Our team brings in professional lighting and the highest quality cameras available to make sure you have picture perfect images that accurately represent your brand. After all you food and style is your brand!

French Onion Soup

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