Behind the scenes video shoot at a film developing workshop with people posing for a picture

Recently we completed a video production shoot in downtown Silver Spring for an awesome business called Sip and Develop. This is a really cool concept where they teach you how to shoot and develop film all while drinking a glass (or two) of wine.

The video shoot was high intensity and shot more like an event than a traditional staged video shoot. At the same time that we were capturing shots to produce a video promo, WUSA9 was also on location shooting three live hits for their morning show.

Our video team consisted of a videographer and video producer. The entire shoot lasted approximately 4-hours, which gave us enough time to capture engaging video clips to assemble a video promo. It was important to the owner that we capture the essence of the entire photography process from shooting all the way through the development process. They offer fun back drops to do a photoshoot in studio and also have an amazing 360 Instagram photo booth for customers to remember their experience.

Below is a look at the promo video from this video production.

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