Del Sur Cafe Restaurant Marketing

Recently the content creators at Plush Marketing Agency completed a restaurant marketing video for the Del Sur Cafe located at 2016 P St NW, Washington, DC 20036 in the Dupont Circle neighborhood. Del Sur features out of this world South American cuisine and is an absolute must try if you are visiting the District of Columbia. Creating content for restaurants is some of our most favorite content to produce when it comes to digital marketing. It’s social media friendly, which means it’s easy to get lots of engagement, because who doesn’t love amazing food?

Preparing The Video

The video consisted of video content that was shot on two separate days to capture the ambience of the restaurant. Each visit included one professional videographer to capture content in the front of the house, back off the house and the outdoor seating area. The restaurant owners and staff were warm and welcoming as they are for all the restaurant guests. Our goal was to first focus on food preparation and cocktails as many people on social media love to see the behind the scenes action.

Additionally we captured content of guest engaging with the menu, enjoying delicious food and loving the experience at the Del Sur Cafe. At PLUSH it’s our job to convey the restaurant experience as purely as possible to the video audience and the restaurant was happy with the end results too!

Another tremendous advantage of our restaurant videography services is that the content we shot to create this video can be repurposed many times for social media content and additional videos down the road.

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