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Increase Customers with Google Ads

Google Ads are essential to any business that is serious about reaching potential customers quickly and converting them into sales. With the expanded Google Ads platform, we can now reach your customers in search results, YouTube videos, Gmail, Maps, Business Profile and other participating websites that deliver ads. At Plush Marketing, we create custom audiences that target your specific audience to increase conversions and lower your advertising budget overtime. Whether you are trying to generate more leads, increase sales or grow your brand awareness, we can help!

Setting up your Google ad campaign and maximizing it’s reach is the first step to being successful with online advertising. It’s important to know who your audience is and what products or services they need. Selecting the right keywords is super important when looking for search terms or creating ad copy, so make sure you speak the same language as your customers. Then it is essential to create goals that are achievable and can also be measured.

Meet Your Customers Where They Are!

Our team knows how to create engaging attention-grabbing ads that will achieve real results. We create persuasive ads targeting your specific audience that reaches them however they like to view content online. There’s no tricks…just valuable content that they will freely engage with on any device.

It does take some time to build a winning advertising campaign. We ask our clients to commit between 3-6 months to a campaign based on the industry they are in when they are investing in Google ads. There is a learning process at the beginning with Google as the algorithm learns about who the best potential customers could be for your ads. Our team is constantly tweaking and testing each step of the process to further optimize the performance.

We Covert Searchers Into Customers!

Google ads are only part of the equation when it comes to converting searchers into customers. Creating a custom landing page with relevant content related specifically to your ad is a must. It’s also very important that your landing page is optimized for usability. This means it loads fast and it’s easy to view on any device. We create landing pages that your potential customers will trust and can easily fill out a contact form to generate a new lead or to make a product purchase.

We are constantly monitoring your Google Ads campaign to make sure we are always meeting (or surpassing) your goals for advertising. Improving each campaign that we work on starts with drilling down into valuable insights that we collect to help us further optimize each advertisement and audience to ultimately increase your return on investment. Our team also tracks those who are viewing your ads so we can retarget them with additional advertising that will help convert them into lifetime customers.

Customer Growth

Reach more customers quickly across many different devices and platforms

Valuable Insights

Maximize your reach and increase ROI by uncovering valuable customer data

Increase Sales

Convert shoppers into customers with a proven advertising strategy

Let’s Discuss Your Digital Marketing Goals!

Our experienced marketing team provides customized Google Ad strategies as well as a la carte marketing solutions. Contact us now to start build a winning online marketing strategy for your business!

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