When you’re ready to improve your marketing strategies for your healthcare practice, video production is the way to do so. From hospitals to doctors’ offices, healthcare video production provides a way to offer an inside look into your medical practice and encourage prospective patients to become actual ones.

Benefits of Healthcare Video Production

There are many benefits of adding healthcare video production to your list of marketing tools. Some of the benefits to using healthcare video production for marketing include:

  • Videos are an engaging way to introduce medical services to your customers and other healthcare providers
  • Healthcare videos can introduce potential new patients to your staff and remind your current patients about your dedicated team
  • Video production provides an easy way to offer training for your staff

Types of healthcare video production

Introduce Your Medical Services

When you hire our company to create healthcare videos for your dentist office, hospital, or other healthcare facility, you have an easy way to introduce your services to others. You can speak directly to your patients, current and future, as well as detail your offerings to other healthcare providers who may want to join forces with your office.

These videos are informative as well as engaging. They’ll gain the attention of those who have access to them and provide the information in an informative and memorable way.

Create Training Videos to Educate and Inform Staff Members

Video production can help you offer training to your team members. With our video production services, we can create informative training videos for your staff. From safety guidelines to step-by-step medical videos, using a video production to get this information across is an excellent way to do so.

Highlight Your Medical Office Team

A healthcare video provides a way to highlight the team members at your office. You can introduce your staff to new patients to ease any concerns they may have going to a new medical office. Our video production team can also create a healthcare video for your business that explains your specialty services in a clear and informative manner.

When you use a healthcare video, you can showcase why your doctor’s office or specialty medical care center is the best option for patients to choose when comparing your medical practice with the competition.

The Healthcare Video Production Process

The production process is an easy and time-efficient one. Here’s how it works:

  • You contact us for a day that works best for you
  • We come to your location for a one-day video shoot
  • We’ll set up our equipment in your office or in one of the exam rooms for the interview portion of the video
  • You choose which healthcare workers you’d like to highlight (it can be more than one individual)
  • Our team can shoot supplementary footage of healthcare workers in the hospital, medical practice, dental office, or any other clinic setting you have available
  • We’ll then edit and deliver one or multiple videos for your marketing purposes

Share Your Videos with Ease

Once your video is made, you can share it through a wide array of platforms. Allow your video to be seen on your website, social media pages, via email marketing tactics, and more.

With this type of online advertisement method, you can increase conversion rates and turn potential customers into current patients!

Now’s the time to get the name of your medical practice out to the world and PLUSH Marketing Agency can help! Contact us today at (202) 683-6881 to learn more and book your healthcare video production appointment.

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