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Internet marketing for lawyers is aggressively competitive. Our attorney marketing services help law firms of all sizes dominate their local competition. We use highly targeted online marketing tactics to engage your target audience. By strategically partnering with PLUSH Marketing and following our digital marketing strategies, your law firm will see an increase in potential new clients.

We are able to execute fully integrated online marketing plans for sole proprietors and small law firms or collaborate with in-house marketing teams in larger firms.

Our process for attorney marketing includes website marketing, video production and social media advertising.

Learn how we can help your law firm increase revenue by reaching and engaging with potential new clients. Below are some of our top level online marketing initiatives with high level summaries of our services:

Attorney Marketing Website Design

At PLUSH, we implement clean modern website designs in all attorney web development strategies. Having a website with easy to use navigation and layout, makes it easier for potential new clients to find the information that is important to them.
Our design process is streamlined, starting with a premium website layout, that will reduce development time and cost.

All of the websites we create are optimized for desktop and mobile devices, providing potential new clients a user friendly experience. As we build each website, we focus on the overall attorney marketing strategy by applying essential search engine optimizations tactics. Meticulous planning of a website’s layout and structure are key to a successful web design strategy.

Attorney Video Production

Creating trust with potential new clients is essential when it comes to online marketing. Our attorney marketing video production services provide a quick way for you to engage, assure and build trust with your target audience. Video allows you to influence customers with verbal and non-verbal social cues.

We produce various marketing videos for your overall attorney marketing campaign. Typically the type of videos we produce include firm overview videos, FAQ videos, practice area videos, event videos, conference videos and a wide array of custom videos.

Attorney Internet Marketing

Internet marketing for attorneys is a marathon that requires strategic focus and fine tuning. Evolving your website and social media channels with content is essential. After launching your law firm’s website, committing to generating quality content on a regular basis is a must, whether your goals are to build and enhance your SEO or push out content to followers and potential clients on social media, we can guide you through.


Copywriting, or written content, goes hand and hand with advertising and search engine optimization (SEO).

Our copywriting services include creating subsections/subpages and content pages that provide more detail to your work and services as well as build and support your SEO strategy. By granularly focusing on specific key elements of practice areas and dedicating a specific subpage to it, you can then start to target additional key search terms for a successful SEO plan.

Additionally, our copywriting services can be utilized in social media advertising as well as monthly news articles.

Visual Content

Marketing legal services can mean waging a war for attention in a highly competitive market. Your visual content needs to be effective, informative, and multifaceted.
Using effective visual content is not only one of the best ways to show the personality of your law firm but it is key to successful digital marketing. Going hand in hand with implementing good SEO, it can also give your firm the ability to rank higher in searches while reaching more clients.
Visual content can truly engage audiences as well– which leads to more traffic and higher rates of conversion. Give your viewers an insider look at what you do and your services with PLUSH’s professional video production services!

Directory Listings

It is essential that your law firm’s business information is listed correctly throughout the top online business listings and directories. We recommend maintaining a sharp focus on Google, Bing, AVVO, Apple, FindLaw, MapQuest and Yelp (for smaller firms). Additionally paying close attention to local listings in your area is advantageous as well.

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