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Reach More Patients With Healthcare Marketing!

Healthcare is changing!

So is the way physicians, doctors, physical therapists, dentists, orthodontists, psychologists, emergency medical technicians and other healthcare providers are approaching healthcare marketing.

Plush Marketing Agency specializes in digital marketing for the healthcare industry. We develop effective marketing strategies which include producing engaging content and creating digital advertising campaigns that speak directly to your custom audience. What you do best is providing top quality care for your patients and what we do best is bringing them to your door.

Our strategic healthcare marketing plans place an emphasis on content creation and digital advertising. Learn how we can help you effectively communicate your message and ultimately increase revenue.

Our digital marketing specialist can:

  • Create content and cover your special events with our photography and videography services
  • Provide unique social media strategies to communicate your message to existing and new audiences
  • Generate new leads with Google ads displayed within Google search results, YouTube and other websites that show advertisements.
  • Advertise services and products through email marketing campaigns

Healthcare Video Production

Video is the most effective form of marketing available today because it creates a connection with a viewer on an emotional level that other written images and text simply can’t do. There are many ways to use video with healthcare marketing.

Patient Facing Video Example

Meet The Physician Example

There are many ways to use video with healthcare marketing.

  • Internal Messaging – communicate important messaging and organizational updates to your staff and volunteers
  • Patient Facing – speak directly to new and existing patients with about us videos as well as practice updates
  • Special Events – document events at your office or within the community to share on social media
  • Testimonials – record authentic reviews from your patients and healthcare associates at your practice
  • About Us – tell your story with an overview video about your practice, or hospital that relates to your community
  • Training – onboard new healthcare associates and maintain essential certifications with how to training videos
  • Conferences – capture your annual meetings and industry specific conferences to share on social media
  • FAQs – help answer those frequently asked questions with videos that you can share with new patients

Healthcare Advertising

In 2023 the digital footprint for potential patients is growing with their attention being shared through various online platforms. To generate more leads for your practice or organization it’s important to meet potential patients where they are already. That’s why our ad specialists at Plush Marketing Agency focus on a “be everywhere” strategy when it comes to digital advertising.

  • Google Ads – we promote both text and visual advertisements that will appear in Google search results, YouTube, Gmail, Maps and other websites that display ads.
  • Social Media Ads – create engaging content to advertise on a variety of platforms including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and TikTok.
  • Streaming Ads – reach potential patients while they stream their favorite content with our advertising services on Hulu, Sling TV and YouTube TV.

Social Media for Healthcare

Now that you have invested in engaging content, it’s time to share it with your audience. Social media provides healthcare providers with the ability to reach a specific audience and measure the results. Social media allows you to segment your audience as well as communicate singular messaging to different groups categorized by demographics and interests.

Simply posting to your social media channels isn’t enough. Investing in ad spend for your posts is part of a winning formula for social media marketing. Without strategically advertising on social media, you will be losing out on many potential patients as well as branding opportunities. Creating room in your budget is critical to opening up opportunities for you to reach your target audience and creating real leads for your practice.

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