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Healthcare is changing! So is the way doctors, dentists, psychologist and other healthcare providers are approaching healthcare marketing. PLUSH Marketing specializes in digital marketing for the healthcare industry. We develop marketing channels, produce engaging content and promote strategic messaging that deliver results. Our brand focused strategies place an emphasis on three areas of online marketing that includes website design, content creation (video production, graphic design and copywriting) and social media.

Healthcare Website Design

Before creating content and advertising your products or services to patients, it is vital to develop a marketing channel to communicate your messaging. The most important online channel is your website. A well designed website allows you to present your branding and messaging exactly the way you intend it to be received by your patients. Additionally (and more importantly) you own the content on your website.

We create premium mobile friendly websites that you can manage in-house or can be managed by our expert website team. Our web design strategy focuses on developing a layout to effectively convey engaging content. Additionally we will implement a call to action (CTA) lead capture on each page to increase potential patient leads. Furthermore we can link to third party portals that you may use for HIPAA compliance as well as make patient documents available for download.

Healthcare Content Creation

Once you have an effective website developed, you need to fill it with engaging content.

Content includes video, website copy, podcasts, and graphics that all help successfully communicate to your target audience. Below is more information about our content creation services for healthcare marketing.

Healthcare Video Production

Video is the most effective form of marketing because it can encompass video, audio, text, graphics and animation all within one efficient marketing medium. Video production allows you to create a connection with a viewer on an emotional level. There are many ways to use video with healthcare marketing.

Healthcare Video Marketing

  • Testimonials
  • Hospital/Practice Overview
  • Internal Training
  • Conferences/Events
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Healthcare Copywriting

Copywriting for online marketing is important for the success of your website. The goal for writing copy is to showcase your brand or practice in positive light and at the same time persuade your reader to perform a specific call to action. Additionally, good copy focuses on demonstrating your products or services without overloading the audience with too much information (TMI). Here are ways you can utilize healthcare copywriting.

Healthcare Copywriting

  • Website Copy
  • Social Media
  • Blog Writing
  • Advertisements

Healthcare Social Media

Now that you have invested in engaging content, it’s time to share it with your audience. Social media provides healthcare providers with the ability to reach a specific audience and measure the results. Social media allows you to segment your audience as well as communicate singular messaging to different groups categorized by demographics and interests.

Simply posting to your social media channels isn’t enough. Investing in ad spend for your posts is part of a winning formula for social media marketing. Without strategically advertising on social media, you will be losing out on many potential patients as well as branding opportunities. Creating room in your budget is critical to opening up opportunities for you to reach your target audience and creating real leads for your practice.

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