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Salon Marketing Services

The salon industry is a competitive one. This means that you need to go the extra mile to boost your offerings to the masses. From hair salons to nail salons, you want a marketing platform that embraces the WOW factor and shows why your beauty salon is the best in the area. Salon marketing is a specialized type of marketing that focuses on your services, employees, and special offerings – and we’ve got you covered.

Here are some of the services that PLUSH Marketing offers to help you get your salon marketing on track:

Web Design Makeover

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Before new customers walk through your door, chances are they searched your salon name online and found your website. You want to make sure that the website you have in place is impressive and beautifully designed. It’s not just the services that are listed that will draw your clients in. It’s how they are presented on your website – a website PLUSH can help you build and design. 

Combining stunning salon imagery with website optimization to target service keywords that will draw customers in, we offer numerous web design services that will take your website to all new levels.

Layered Content Creation

It’s all about Pictures and Videos these days! A salon website also has to include informative content and interesting information to hold the attention of the site visitor as well as provide them with all of the details they seek about your business. We offer content creation services of a wide array, including detailed site pages, before/after photos, company videos, service videos, customer testimonial videos, and much more.

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Salon Social Media Marketing
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Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and Facebook provide an extremely efficient way to draw in new clientele and increase your overall engagement. With experienced content creators, we produce enticing organic posts and advertisements that target individuals that are specifically looking for salons. By adding geo-targeting ads, this ensures that your services are not only being seen, but being seen by individuals who are in your area and can take advantage of your local services. 

Retargeting is an excellent way to keep your business name fresh in the minds of those who have visited your website or engaged with your social media accounts in the past. This type of marketing tactic will post your website ad on other websites which these individuals visit and their social media feeds. Retargeting offers a way to turn virtual window shoppers into customers by keeping your offerings right there in front of them.

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