Small Business Digital Marketing Services

We understand the ups and downs of a small business, because we’re a small business too! That’s why we are proud to support small businesses and always work with their goals and budgets in mind.

By partnering with PLUSH, small businesses experience the convenience of having a responsive and experienced digital marketing team at their advantage and complete access to all the digital marketing services they need: a one stop complete shop. This allows you more time to run your business while knowing that your online marketing team will be producing more potential customers.

Small business owners face fierce competition with other local business and big box brands stores online. Our small business marketing services help franchises, startups and mom and pop locations sustain long-lasting successful businesses in their community. 

Our small business marketing services include website design, video production, search engine optimization (SEO), written and visual content creation, social media marketing and advertising, as well as graphic design services. Whether you are a sole proprietor, are in a partnership, or have a growing small business, we can help you reach a larger audience looking for your services and/or products. 

Learn how we can help your company increase revenue and engage with more potential new clients:

Small Business Website Design

At PLUSH Marketing, we design websites with clean layouts and modern designs. Our prime focus is easy navigation to make it simple for potential customers to access your products and/or services. 

Our streamlined web design process starts with a premium website layout to reduce the cost and development time. We offer simple, efficient one page websites all the way to full blown html multi-page websites with all the bells and whistles. We can take your inspiration and run with it!

All websites we develop are optimized both for desktop and mobile devices. 

Furthermore, during our web development process, we simultaneously implement our essential search engine optimization plan, so when your website goes live it will be optimized to start working for you immediately.

A website is a critical component to your success and an important long-term investment. Think of a website like a car, it needs regular maintenance! That’s why we also offer monthly website maintenance services too! If you’d rather do that part yourself – we’re all for it and can send you video tutorials to help you along the way.

Small Business Content Creation

Once you have an effective website developed or if you need to add pages, you need to fill it with engaging content.

Content includes video, website copy, podcasts, and graphics that all help successfully communicate to your target audience. 

Small Business Copywriting

Our copywriting professionals at PLUSH can make this process easy, all it takes is a phone call and we can create, edit, and publish! Additionally, good copy focuses on demonstrating your products or services without overloading the audience with too much information (TMI). Here are ways you can utilize Small Business copywriting:

Website Copy

Social Media

Blog Writing


Let’s look at video production next in terms of creating visual content. Video marketing is the most effective way to share your service. This proven method captures your very essence on video and shares your skills with the world.

Small Business Video Production

Building trust with potential clients is paramount when it comes to online marketing. Our small business video production focuses on captivating a highly targeted audience. 

Marketing with video provides the means to communicate authentically as well as create a personal connection with verbal and non-verbal social cues. Conveying positive social cues and creating an emotional attachment to the purchase of your products or services is a winning formula for small business marketing online.

We produce various marketing videos for your overall business campaign. Many popular videos we produce include company overview, promotional videos, social media content and service or product videos. We can work together to see what the right videos for you and your business are. Best of all, these videos can be used in a multitude of ways: in your social media posts, instagram stories, embedding on your website, and boosting your SEO, to name a few!

Small Business SEO Services

SEO is the process of enhancing your website and any mention of your business/brand name outside of your website, to help you rank higher in search engine results. Search engine optimization is an all-encompassing process that includes all forms of Internet marketing and can include offline marketing efforts as well. 

Our approach is divided into three categories that focus on specific areas including on-page optimization, off-page optimization and technical SEO.

On-page optimization for your website is especially important to a local SEO strategy.  By optimizing your website for local search, the search engines will be more inclined to rank your website high within the local search results. Local search is the present and the future.  While there is an increasing trend of people moving to e-commerce online, Google has clearly stated that online marketing for local business has increased dramatically because of mobile.  Mobile is no longer something that is on the horizon or that we are transitioning to at the moment – it’s here!

We provide one time optimizations and value packed monthly relationships – whichever is right for you. The general rule we go by: the more SEO you do, the better!

Learn more about our SEO and local SEO services by clicking here.

Social Media & Advertising

Speaking of social media, this is one marketing piece you can’t sleep on. Social media is one of the fastest ways to gain visibility with potential customers in your area.

By creating engaging social media posts and targeting your audience with the right advertising strategy, we can attract new customers to your business.

Advertising on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram can be much more affordable than other campaigns. Additionally, pairing amazing images and/or videos with text in a sponsored ad, is much more likely to attract the attention of your customers online.

Both Facebook and Instagram allow you to create custom audiences too. This means you can focus granularly by choosing to advertise to only people who engage with your FB/IG pages, website and email list OR you can cast a wider net choosing to advertise to anyone within a certain amount of miles from your business address.

Get A Free Consultation

Find out how we can manage and simplify your small business marketing, to provide you more time doing what you do best! Our digital media producers will organize your current marketing, increase your customer reach and maximize your current marketing channels. Our small business clients love how easily accessible we are day or night. Let’s start a conversation, and build a winning marketing strategy!

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